weightloss ~

Who knew losing weight was so easy?  Just whack off 12 inches of hair ~ what an uplifting experience!

Isn't it weird how dark your hair looks when you cut it and it's laying in a pile like that.  Oh well.

My daughter came over yesterday with a bottle of hair dye and asked where the scissors were ... she said it was time for a change.  I had turned into an old lady with long graying hair ... actually I think  I called it the backside of an old toothless poodles butt... it was getting too long, too curly, to hard to comb through , I was always throwing it up in a ponytail, I was not happy with the look I had at all, that's what my hair was... and now ... it's short ...and it's color is Champagne Fizz ... much more fitting than a poodles behind:)

Here's what I look like now (I wish!) ... only I'm older, heavier and oh yeah, I wear glasses:) and my eyebrows aren't as well shaped, I have more chin and cheek too than that model, and my skin isn't as air-brushed looking as her's is, my skin has age spots, and my eyes don't look like that either, and my neck is lot's thicker too ~

But that's my hair color
 ... kinda ... only mine took on a little tint of reddish highlights ... I think.  
How do I know how I look?  
When I saw my other daughter last night she just thought I had highlights put in... 
she didn't even realize it was a complete dye job.  

The kids said it made me look younger, so I'm still going to keep it this color for awhile - even if it means getting the color from a bottle.

Until next time ...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. My hair is always in a ponytail and I hate it! Recently had hubby cut 8 inches off the ponytail... and it's still in a ponytail. I need a pixie, but haven't been that brave. It wouldn't matter what I do with my hair, I'm still going to be old and ugly. Ack!

  2. Come on Mel post a picture! I know you're looking good I can tell you’re feeling good about it. I see picture's of women with long pretty hair, and wonder what they do to make it stay that way. I never could do anything with mine long. Take care.

  3. Shucks, from the description, you are beautiful. Keep it that way. I like you just like you are, just right. So itis good that the girls take care of mama! I bet Slim be happy with the NEW YOU! That is the binder!!!!
    Good stuff.

  4. I have never dyed my hair but I am not above doing it if I were many years younger, I would. I have nearly white hair now. I bet it does make you feelgood.

  5. I want to see a before and after picture!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Boy that is a lot of hair on the floor. Doesn't it make us feel better to have a change sometime? Show us a picture but only if you want.