I love caller ID ~

Seriously, why even bother signing up on the No Call list when I still get messages like this left on my machine:

I'll try to type it so you can enjoy the accent :)

Hay Low ~ Dis mezz sage is for May Low Dee Dough ner.  I am calling from da Dalleeze Inter Neigh tion all Air A port.  We have a certified check for you to claaaaim.  It is for Nine Houndret ant fif teeeee thou sint dolllll r's.  Pleeeze call dis number .....

then she rattles off a 909 203 number ~ which I do a google search on and it comes up from Saudi Arabia!

Now... granted I would not turn down $950,000.00 if it was legit!  Do you think I should call my sister in Ft Worth and have her run over to the Dallas airport and pick up my check?  We'll all get together and share my winnings! Yeah!!  I'll buy doughnuts!

A few weeks ago I was propositioned for some kinky sexual acts by a man with a very heavy accent  ~ the caller ID said it was a call from Jamaica.  He called and called ... about 10 messages left on my answering machine.   Finally I picked up and told him that I was going to blow the whistle on him if he called my number again.

Guess what I did?  I got myself a very shrill sounding dog whistle and have it laying by the phone.  Sure enough ... my Jamaica call came again.  I told him, "I warned you I was going to blow the whistle on you."  AND I blew my whistle!  A nice long winded blow ~ you'd be proud.

I hung up.

The phone rings again.  Are you serious! That jerk is calling me again!  He says, "that wasn't very nice."  I said "I know, and what you've been doing hasn't been very nice either."

I hung up again.

I haven't heard from him anymore.  I hope that ringing noise in his ears is permanent!

Now if I can just get every Tom Dick and Harry that's running for office to stop calling me during supper.

Until next time ...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. oh my gosh! you made me laugh! but such a hassle!

  2. I have a whistle but I have it hidden and never think to use it. lol We're on the No Call list and it used to work but no more. I'm so sick of politics I may give up my right to vote.

  3. There was one who kept calling and asking for my Mother-in-law. Called about bedtime. She has been gone from this world since 2000. I kept telling him that. Finally I got mad and told him I have been telling you she has been dead since 2000 now quit calling this number. So far no more calls from him.

  4. You do know how to make an interesting entry! Love it. I hope the check is forwarded to your house. LOL

    Amazing the offers one gets, I haven't gotten the sex offers yet, if it is a lady, give her my number!!! I want to blow the whistle!!! Oh, I forgot, I no longer use the phone, forget it.

    Love ya!!!

    Love it!

  5. A funny one from Ken. A computer person kept calling to fix our computer. Ken told him we didn't need it fixed. Finally Ken asked him if he could fix them in heaven, the man stuttered around. Ken told him well ours has died and gone to heaven. He hung up. That one hasn't called in a while either. All these foreign people will try anything.

  6. I hate a ringing phone, but I won't answer numbers I don't recognize. Funny thing is, they rarely leave a message when the machine picks it up.

  7. Amen sister - I am getting so many calls right now too with the election - I mean I already know who I'm voting for.

  8. I too get so many illegal telemarketers calling. When Ben was alive, we didn't have caller ID. We started having the answering machine pick up all of our calls. We figured it it was someone we knew or something important, they would leave a message. After Ben died, I got caller ID and now I do not answer any number I do not recognize, which seems to be most of them. I found a site online where I can check the phone number to see if it is a telemarketer and where it originated from. I also keep track of how often I get calls from the same number. If I get 3 or 4, I turn a complaint to the No Call List people. I just heard on the local news today that they are getting more and more complaints about telemarketers again by people who are the No Call List. A congressman is trying to get the fine raised from a few hundred dollars to $20,000 foe each illegal call a telemarketer makes.

  9. How come you get all the GOOD calls??? We only get calls from people trying to sell us health insurance. JK Great idea with the whistle!

  10. Have you had to use that whistle again...funny, but not. And, how did you slip 2 entries in without my noticing,...oh, maybe I should get on here once in awhile.
    Harvest time is just too darned busy, and then there was today...
    BlessYa and ThanksForHelpin'

  11. Ha, ha! So very inventive you are.