doughnuts ~

... to glaze or not to glaze? coat with sugar and cinnamon or chocolate and sprinkles, powdered sugar, nuts, coconut?  How do you like your doughnut?  Personally, I like my plain.

Today was homemade doughnut making day. 

Now I really can't take all the credit for making these doughnuts.  Granted, most things I do make from scratch; but when it comes to the doughnuts I buy a bulk dry mix from my Amish friends.  You add 4 cups of warm water, and 4 Tblsp. of dry yeast, mix it up, let it rise, cut them out, let them rise again, and fry. 

Pretty easy ... and cheap.  The mix says it will make 3 dozen doughnuts - but I got 52 of them out of one batch.  They came out to $0.91 cents a dozen and that wasn't counting the 52 doughnut holes!

Frying the holes :)
... and then some doughnuts  ... I fried them in my electric frying pan ~ which worked out quite well, I could do a dozen at a time.
I know the family would like it if I made these more often; but I only do them once a year.  They freeze up beautifully and sure do make for an easy breakfast or something quick to put into Dear Hubby's lunch box for work.  Dear Hubby also likes taking them along with him in the fall when he's trapping for a quick snack to grab.  I take such good care of him :)

Looking out my window ...  on the edge of the yard ... THIS is why I love living in the woods ~

Until next time ...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. deer sez
    give me a glazed doughnut & a bottle of anything to go

  2. i used to help my mom fry donuts. :) plain.

  3. Glazed please, They are pretty also. But that sounds pretty much from scratch to me, hahahaha. Not from scratch is bought from the deli! LOL
    Love the animals, don't they know the meat processing room is not too far away? LOL

    Love you girl, have a great night ans Sunday!!

  4. Good Gawd... DONUT HEAVEN! My butt is getting bigger just thinking about it! And the deer are nice, too, but a whole lot less fattening, since I don't eat that.

  5. I felt like ' fried anything ' today so made the hungry crew french fries from some of those taters...oh my~so good.
    Soooo, that's how you whip out those doughnuts. You had me fooled all these years., but they still look derned good and plenty. What Amish site did you find the makings?

  6. Oh, the color tour was awesome...I know those roads and now have had my color tour. Thanks

  7. Goodness Girl is there not anything that you don't do? I made donuts one time years ago but in my defence I did make crepes every single Sunday morning as my husband's family thought they were Lieck style pancakes and every new bride into their family had to learn to make them just right.

  8. I love glazed or frosted with sprinkles! I don't dare make that many though, I would eat every single one!!

  9. I want to come and live at your house!!! I hope your lucky family appreciates you!!

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  11. Donuts - YUMMY! I like them any way I can get them - plain, sprinkled, powdered, iced, filled ...
    'love & hugs from afar'

  12. When I was a young thang, too young to leave me Mither, Mither and I made cake donuts. I'd mix up the dough and she would cut and fry. So good. I like them plain myself. Mither also used to make bread donuts and ice them with maple icing ... so good after a cold walk home from school. Sweet memories!!!