so me~

Seriously, this is so me.  I think someone took my picture and the words right out of my mouth. Ha!

Until next time ...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. I totally get it!!!! R& R today! When it rains it should be declared a "Mel" day!!!

  2. I was raised with canning. Jars lining the shelves saying this will be great this winter. I was a pig for mama's pickles. I never heard her use a name for them, I thought they were dill but learned later (last year) they were 'bread and butter'(?) pickles or something like that. But I could easily eat a quart in a day.

    But to something that I am so proud of. A few years ago I ran across a blog called 'Up North with Mel'. It has been a blessing, one of the high lights of my life. Thru this blog, a whole new world had opened. This has been one of life's pleasant journeys. Sherry even thinks you are 'cute'.
    Love you girl the same to Slim, as you guys prepare for Slim's winter, Up North with Mel.

  3. I am thinking down south we have 'jar trees' where the jars were hung to dry after washing. It always amazed me that mama removed the screw ring and left only the round seal on the jar. As a kid that always amazed me how she magically kept the jar sealed until she took the butcher knife and pried it off. She only bought the round inserts every year.
    didn't mean to waste so much of your paper!!!

  4. Yes, Mel! I agree with Jack - the discovery of Mel's Blog has been a pleasant part of my learning about the joys of living. You and Slim will have good eating this winter. Mom "canned" but I still need to know why it was all done in jars and not cans. ☺

  5. Okay - Chatty here doesn't quite get it - can you explain? My mother or me have never canned a thing!

  6. Gotcha Mello. Mom was a genius...and before we knew it, we were all canning like crazy for our family full of zombies. I worked my ars off again today, in my canning corner.