another check off ~

My mom, who is 83 years young was able to get another check off her bucket list.  She wanted to harvest a deer with the muzzleloader.

This was her first time ever muzzleloader hunting.  She was quite pleased with her 7 point buck :) ... even though she said it was pretty small.  "ahhh.... Mom, they all look small after you lucked out and put a 16 pointer on the wall already."

Mom has had a few health issues this past year and thought for sure that her deer hunting days were over.    As far back as I can remember she has always hunted ... helping to put meat on the table for her big family.  There were nine of us kids growing up and venison was always a staple on the Obernberger table.

Since my Dad passed away, five years ago, Mom has been talking about giving up hunting; but whenever the gun/deer season rolls around ~ she changes her mind. She bought a license again this year.

She didn't harvest a deer this year during the regular deer/rifle season because she ended up in the hospital during that time ... but then she got the idea in her head to try muzzleloader season ... something she had never tried before. 

Muzzleloader season runs for another week after the rifle season.   You see, the difference with the regular rifle season and the muzzleloader season is the type of gun used.  The rifle offers you more than one shot ~ the muzzleloader is a "one shot" only.  So your aim better be good the first time ~ because you have to reload the gun between firings ... many times missing the opportunity at another shot.

Now ... Mom said she's done hunting ... I don't believe her.  That crazy woman will be out there until she's 102!!

Until next time ...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. Congratulations Mom! Way-to-go!
    I love this.
    Your Mom is an amazing hunter to be 83 and able to shoot that deer with a muzzle loader and kill it.
    Your Mom is awesome!
    ~standing ovation~

  2. Wow! Your Mom is beautiful and a good hunter to boot. I bet she will be hunting well into her 100's.

  3. Holy Sh**!!! Go grandma go!!! The way I understand it those muzzle loaders have quite a kick back to boot!!! Your mom must be something!! So glad she bagged her deer!!

  4. I'm back, as I look at the photo of your mom, that was taken 30 years ago right? She looks so young. Maybe its the orange camo!!! You'r right she'll still be going strong at 102. What a great inspiration for her family!!!

  5. Oh, Mel, that's such a great pic of our proud Mama with her buck. Please. Nice entry.
    Mom will be out there a long time yet.

  6. The best blog entry of the year! She is a beauty, a doll and should be considered a national treasure.

    We are pleased to have met her. We have a great pic of her holding a prized Quilt in front of the family photo. What hasn't this lady accomplished in her time? I KNOW that she raised a wonderful family.

    What a kick to the muzzle loader! One tough Chick! You GO MAMA 'O'!

  7. good for her! no matter what gun she uses, she's a pistol! :)

  8. Yup, our Ole' Mamma is at it again! Good for her! I wouldn't doubt if she pushes for at least 100 and still hunting!
    'love & hugs from afar Sis'

  9. Congratulations, Mom!

    Dang, she looks great, too!

  10. Congratulations to your mom! Great job.

  11. You just can tie that generation down!!!! Good for her.

  12. Kudos to your Mom, if she can do that makes me feel i can DO anything too!!

  13. There is no way your Mom is 83. She does not look it. Tell her congrats on the deer. She did a good job teaching her kids to be self sufficient. I love your blog. Glad she is feeling better.

  14. Mel, it absolutely amazes me that your mom is still hunting at the age of 83. She is the same age as my mom, who barely leaves the house anymore. I know you are thankful to still have her with you.

    I hope this finds you and your husband doing well. Take care!