busy ~

I think I got my Bavarian on ~ getting busy for the holidays.  My German heritage seems to surface through the holiday season.  We like our sweets; but also our meats.

As far back as I can remember there has always been the smoked and pickled fish and meats during the seasons.  Every year I make my share of it.

 ~ pickled northern pike ~

We had a sink full of salmon that was waiting to be brined yesterday with salt and brown sugar ...

... then this morning into the fish smoker ...

... and this afternoon ... smoked salmon ...

Also yesterday I canned up 12 pints of venison ... 

.... and ....
cooked and pickled some beef hearts:

 ... also ...

I flipped the apple/cinnamon ornaments and painted the back sides of them (Grandlove Amanda helped with a few) ~ since both sides are visible when they are hanging.  They are now sitting on a rack  ~ on a dresser in my office.  I want to make super sure they are good and dry.  They seemed to soften just a tad while painting... but my oh my they sure do smell good :)

Today I made up six loaves of gumdrop bread ... another family tradition on Dear Hubby's side ... they are wrapped and packed in the cooler until Christmas ~

~image from the internet~

~ and I have five loaves of homemade bread rising and waiting to go into the oven within the hour.

While I was knocking it out in the kitchen ... Dear Hubby and Sam have been in the work shop building a sled to pull behind the snowmobile.  They needed something large enough to carry their beaver trapping supplies and to carry out beavers from the ponds when they get them.

When I went out to give it my inspection my first question was, "will that thing fit through the door or are you going to have to take out the removeable wall to get it out of here?"  To me it seems a tad bit wide ... but then again ... they claim to have measured it.  I wanted in the worse way to grab a tape measure and double check their work ... but I'm holding off for a bit.  Seriously, I think it's too wide.  Of course, Slim will blame Sam and Sam will blame Slim and I will be laughing on the side lines.

I just checked again a few minutes ago before coming on here to post ... they are now making a metal stabalizer tow-bar that hooks on to the front ... truth be told ... I'm impressed.  Still don't know about the door measurement.

oh well

Until next time ...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. I laughed about the size of the project. My husband and I have held our breath a few times. I enjoy canning and bottling things this time of year. Enjoyed your post.

  2. ooh. my father would like you with the pickled fish. eek!

  3. My dad would be in his glory at your house, with all those goodies!! I hope you win the bet, just so you can be smug!!

  4. Looks like a 'told ya so' to me too. I think it will be funny when they have to take the inside frame off the, your goodies are ready and waiting. I don't do that anymore, at least, not this year.

  5. There's no way I could keep up with even a portion of everything you do... but I've got my applesauce and cinnamon ready to try those ornaments! Now if I could just find a cookie cutter that isn't seasonal. I want these "smell goods" for all year long.

  6. Guess you have seen my last name is German. They do like their sweets.

  7. Okay, what a good entry. Mama never canned any meats, I don't know if she knew how or not. Allour stuff was salt cured. The smoked Salmon looked great. all of it looked good.
    The sled box WILL fit if you take ti thru fast enough! LOL
    It sure looks good.
    Love from the Sunny South!!!

    Love you girl

  8. Goodness, everything looks so delicious. That salmon made my mouth water...

  9. I am in awe of your talents. Everything looks so good and holds such promise of future yummy dishes during the cold winters months. Sweet! :)

  10. Oh, my goodness!! and i thought getting my piddly little things done was something, YOU have been busy, busy. love the ornaments!! so pretty!!