owl doodle ~

Last night ... during the football game ~

I had pen and paper in hand and couldn't come up with an original idea to save my soul ... I wanted to draw something; but couldn't for the life of me think of what.   So ... off to cyberspace for inspiration.

I came across this site offering kids coloring pages and found this owl :

I thought to self , "Self, you can draw that ~ BUT ~ can you do it looking the other way?" 

Here's what I came up with :

Ever since I painted my Christmas ornaments I have drawing lines and shapes on the brain!  lol

I'm a thinking ...
I'm a looking at kids coloring pages more often for inspiration.

Do you draw?  Do you have to look at something else for inspiration or are you a doodler right off the top of your head?  I guess I'm both.

Until next time ...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. oh, mel! that is really great! you should do a series of these!

  2. You could design greeting cards and sell them. Let me know when they are ready. I want some!!!

  3. That is extraordinary. I love your designs withing the main character. You're very creative. I agree with Muffy's Marks. You could design greeting cards and sell them. But I also think you could also sell you art for wall pictures too. :)

    I sketch a bit every now and then. I mainly focus on nature folks and my inspiration comes from nature (and out-of-the-blue when the mood hits.) I also like to sculpt them too. Unfortunately the sculpting character mood doesn't hit very often.

    Hope your week is a good one. :)

  4. That's great! Do you zentangle?

  5. This is wonderful, you have added a bit of whimsy to a plain owl photo. This would be even better as an embroidery project.

  6. I'm your sister so I can say this:
    SHOW OFF!! It's really great!
    'love & hugs from afar'

  7. I have always loved to draw. Never great, but I loved it. NO, I could not reverse a picture well. I was good as a copier. Loved Cartoon characters best. That owl is beautiful, but Imma telling you some of them feathers are girly curlycue shaped!!! hahahaha. The Owl is very good.
    My characters just about always required profile or at least a little turn, I never could get straight on.
    Love the entry lady Keep doodling.

    PS:the biggest shock I ever got was at a new lumber where I only bought one time. One of the guys behind the counter was finishing a great pen & ink drawing. I mean it looked as good as Norman Rockwell. I said, man that is good. He said thanks, take it, and gave it to me. I was in shock as I left holding it. I hate you guys with give away or throw away talent! hahahahahaha

  8. Dad gummit, IMMA thinking, why didn't my daddy have some German anyway! LOL

  9. Dang Mel, I believe you've got it!!!
    And since I'm your sis too, I could repeat what Cher had to say, but I won't. Instead, I don't think I will show anymore of my etchings...

  10. One pretty owl. I like it very much.

  11. The coloring page was a good inspiration, but I prefer yours over that one! Your Christmas ornaments are beautiful! And that gumdrop bread looks so yummy! I'd love living next door to you and Dar! I could learn SO much!