cookies and doodles ~

It's Tuesday already! Where did the weekend go?  My Yooper Sister, Cheryl and her hubby Thom, spent a few days with us.  It sure was nice seeing them again ~ just so sad of the situation that bought them home.  They had another funeral to attend.

I drew this dragon fly doodle on Saturday afternoon while they were at the funeral.  I had bought a new gel pen with glitter in it.  The photo doesn't show it; but the dragon fly doodle is metallic and shiny :)

 I started baking Christmas goodies ~

 How do you like those funky stars! 

Ashley (Sam's BFF) even got her hands into the dough with me yesterday.  I had asked her what her favorite Christmas cookie was and she said Peanut Butter Blossoms.  I said, "well, have at her!"

This was her first time ever making them.  She did great ~ Sam was happy to hear that she now knows how to make them :)

So far I've made:

Chocolate Mint Cookies
Russian Tea Cakes
Apricot Coconut Balls
Classic Spritz
Almond Toffee
Sugar Cut Outs
Pistachio Cranberry Biscotti
White Rocky Road Fudge
Peanut Butter Blossoms

   The sweets are piling up ~ but I'm far from done!! 

Here's two more doodles since the weekend ~

I don't know what it is ~ but I sure do have drawing lines and shapes on the brain. 

I've never drawn this way before ...

I always tried to draw and paint more realistic pictures.  I know I was influenced by my Dad.  He was a stickler for detail.  I could just hear him, "now that's not what moose hair looks like ..."

Sorry Daddy - I just have to do it my way :)

Until next time ...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. LOL, that's Exactly what Daddy would have said. Mel, these doodles are fantastic. You should market them. You are a real talent. There's no way I'm drawing again, I've lost my edge.
    Nice looking cookie list...

  2. Doodles! Those are some pretty high class doodles. Love your cookie list tool. Your Christmas trees looks similar to mine but I added green food coloring to the cookie dough!

  3. Amazing doodles! You could send a tin of baking my way! Actually, I have enough sweets but yours looking awfully good. Someone elses things always look better.

  4. Dar is right, those doodles should be sold, for all to enjoy. I think they'd make awesome greeting cards.

  5. No doodles, just really pretty art.

  6. You have consistently created amazing "doodles" but I'm not certain you know how good these are. You really should think about doing something with these: patterns, cards, etc.

  7. Those 'doodles' are truly wonderful!! and the cookies, geez !!! :)

  8. Love all of the doodling...you should go into business, Mel! You'd make a fortune. The Christmas goodies look and sound wonderful! Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  9. Oh my, Oh my, Oh my, Mel. All those wonderful sweets on the day I'm working on a jug of Nulytely and all clear liquid diet! Oh well - maybe in a day or two. Haha. BTW the drawings are superb. Artwork a la Mel is un-excelled. Great stuff.

  10. Gorgeous sketches and tasty treats. Very fun traditions being shared at your home. cool! :)