update ~

 Every little available space in the work shop ...

... seems to be occupied ...

 ... with a bird house!

That's where I've been.  Out in the work shop creating my magic :) ... filling orders.

While my magic is going on inside ... remember the mushroom project going on outside that we started this spring?

We inoculated seven totem poles of oyster mushrooms.   Well.... it's time to remove the plastic and start watching for the harvest.

Look at all that beautiful mycelium on those logs! That white, fuzzy growth is the beginning of the mushrooms.  Soon they will begin pinning ... making the little mushrooms.

The 3 on the left ... the PoHu Oyster mushrooms will be the first to fruit.  The Blue Dolphin Oysters on the right should set fruit when the temps drop to just above freezing.  (In my neck of the woods... that won't be long)  They should get a lot more white mycelium showing up on them as the weeks go by.  So far ... so good :)

Although this is our first year growing them ... I'm thinking our mushroom project is right on schedule.  I just pray the bear doesn't take a liking to them and cause us trouble ... so far ... knock on wood ... we've been spared having to find out.

Until next time ...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. How exciting about the mushrooms. It should be interesting to watch.

  2. It is interesting about the mushrooms. As I told your sister I don't know a toad stool from a mushroom. I do like mushrooms and we have a new chef at the hospital cafeteria who uses a lot of them in his cooking. We live right down the street from the hospital and belong to the Senior Circle where we can eat there for a good discount.

  3. oh my gosh, your creations are amazing, the mushroom experiment looks like its coming along great! Thats really something, I've never saw anyone do this before, and yes it will soon be cold won't it, the nights are chilly here now in the Sault,

  4. I really enjoyed your post last spring about setting up the mushroom growing. Can't wait to see the results.

  5. hello

    how long does it take
    to make one bird house?

    I told my John
    about your mushrooms
    & showed him pix
    he thinks they're
    very interesting

  6. Your bird houses look amazing Mom. Did you check into that flea market? I see your mushrooms are coming along nicely also. I totally forgot all about them, I would have liked to have seen the project while we were up there. Maybe we can make a trip back North when they start bearing mushrooms so I can get a taste ... hint hint to Don lol!
    Love ya and miss ya!

  7. Your unique bird houses are wonderful. Wait until word really gets out, you'll be busy year around creating them~

  8. I'm looking forward to watching your mushrooms grow. You'll have to keep us updated! I've tried growing some a few years ago, but I think I went about it the wrong way. Nothing happened. :-( I LOVE your birdhouses!!

  9. I was thinking about this project a week or so ago. Wondering. I still cannot keep up with the work and plans or you energetic folk.

    the birdhouses are beautiful, Very imaginative, so many different, ideas it seems in each.

    Love from down in North Carolina to the cute girl up in the North Woods.

  10. I think that you have a bird house mayhem I like them a very good job I don't know about the hint hint thing yet.

  11. Sy was right, how would you ever choose, no two birdhouses are alike. they look great here but even greater in person.
    your mushroom operation is something and the first thing that came to mind, was your bears and their sense of smell for miles and miles away.
    Maybe you should suspend the logs in the air inbetween the trees. lol
    life is good

  12. The bird houses are very nice, and the mushrooms are very interesting.