feeling lazy ~

There's not much of interest going on around here.  I'm just feeling the lazy hazy muggy days of summer ... and I'm ready for the fall and winter seasons to be upon us again.  I'm really not a fan of hot summer heat.

My flower beds are coming to their end for the season.  I have just a few lilies still in bloom and some purple phlox  ~ and a little tree frog.

The apple tree is loaded; but has a while yet before harvest time ... hopefully another month.  I just hope the deer and bear don't get to them before me.

I hung up some hames from a horse harness and made a trellis out of binder twine for the Morning Glory's ... just a little decoration for the wood shed.

Still no mushrooms on the logs; but I'm checking them daily.

The bear was up on the deck again. (sorry no pic this time) I didn't see which one it was; but it did eat the bottom whirly gig of the beaded sun catcher I made.  It also tipped over my tomato plant that was four feet tall and on a stand.  I put it back in the pot and hopefully it'll still keep producing.  It also carried one of my patio chair cushions off to the other side of the deck.  Thankfully it didn't tear it up or worse yet ... take off with it.  The little bugger.   Ahhh... the fun of living in the woods in the critters territory.

All five of my fish are still thriving in the Black Lagoon.  No raccoon's have turned them into sushi yet.  The bear too has left the waterfall alone this year and hasn't turned over the rocks on me.  I probably shouldn't have said that - because every time I mention something about the bear and the coon it seems something happens.

Until next time ...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. thats not something you hear everyday, lol, beautiful flowers, I hope this heat leaves us soon, I'm melting, well , I guess I'm not, lol

  2. It is so hot and muggy here, too, and I can hardly stand it. Your flowers are beautiful. I, for the life of me, cannot grow Morning Glories. CRAZY, huh? Keep that bear right there- xo Diana

  3. Had to chuckle over the cartoon at the end of your post.

  4. now how come I missed seeing those gorgeous Morning Glories when I was over there...hmmm, nasty lil bear. Hope he doesn't take off with your ' sure has been nasty hot. come on over and let's take a dip in the pool before Bill takes it down.'
    Life is good

  5. Lazy, are you CRAZY? Yo mama never raise a girl with a lazy bone in her. LOL

    Love the flowers, the shots of the color is so brilliant.

    Yeah, bring on the winter so I cna go to Florida! hahaha

    Love from down here...

  6. What imma saying is she is outstanding!!!

  7. You are OUTSTANDING!!!! Cute frog on the side of the house and in the cartoon. Happy to see your morning glories are finally blooming and they are so pretty. It was nice talking to you on the phone the other day. Love you and miss you!

  8. your blooms are still so pretty! okay, the bear on the porch is a bit close. :)

    i did a post called 'a spring bale' a few months ago - everyone thought they'd see hay. when they saw my line-up of turtles, they thought ??? :)

  9. Ha, ha, ha ... love the little frog cartoon. My friend in Quesnel had the bear on their porch and they live in the town though there is a tiny little greenbelt right next to their place.

  10. Your morning glories put a smile on my face! I started a clematis this year - they remind me of Grandma B.
    'love & miss you Sis - hugs from afar'

  11. Love your morning glories, and your frog, your humor ~ and Maine.
    Glad to have found you !

  12. enjoyed seeing the apples growing on the tree. Funny thing....we are in the Nursery business and my husband grows several different varieties of apple trees. the crazy thing trees do not do well here! We ship them all over the country. It's just to hot for the trees to produce fruit here.