another year gone bye ~

Did this year fly by for you?  It sure did for me.  Hard to believe sometimes where time flies by and you look back and it just doesn't seem possible that so much time has already passed.  

I hope you had a wonderful holiday season.  Ours was bittersweet. 

Our daughter in Indiana wasn't able to come home; her father in-law had passed away right before Christmas and they had to stay and make funeral arrangements. Plus, her mother in-law has stage 4 cancer and Alzheimers and they are dealing with her issues.  So sad; and how we wish we could be closer to them ~ but we weren't able to travel down there at this time.  We're crossing fingers and hoping to be able to drive down in March.  We wish it could be sooner; but reality is that won't happen.

Our eldest daughter spent her Christmas at the hospital.  She's six months pregnant (with our 4th Grandlove ~ another girl).  She was in soooooooo much pain ... but is better now that she passed some kidney stones!  Poor bugger ... she and the baby are fine now ~ just a bit wiped out from the whole ordeal.

Our son and his girl friend spent Christmas down in the southern part of the state by her family.  I was happy though that Ashley was able to spend some time with her Dad and sister.  

Half of my family (siblings and their siblings) which normally gather at my Mom's place on Christmas Eve weren't able to make it this year.  It was quiet ... but not the same.  

Knock on wood ... things will be looking up in the new year.  I hope our health issues remain on the up side.  I did have a good check up with my cancer battle :)  and Dear Hubby is doing so much better with his healing process.  

He still makes me laugh.

Yesterday, after lounging on the couch for a couple of hours ... watching his westerns and old movies ... he gets up.  grrrrrr.... arghhh... the noises he made.  I think his leg was falling asleep on him and he half skip jumped a few steps to get his bearings... grrrrrr ... ugggghhh... more noises.  

I let out a little chuckle at his antics and repeated his sounds.

He says, "Go ahead and laugh.  Your day is coming sooner than you think.  You're going to be my age some day and then we'll see who's laughing.  You need to show more respect towards your elders."

He's 32 days older than me. LOL  

ooooooohhhhhh... I'm shaking in my boots just thinking about being his age some day!  17 more days to go, and we'll be the same age again :) The big FIVE SIX.
I know ... we're sooooooooo young!

Happy New Year 2014 everyone!
May your worries and troubles last as long as your new year resolutions!

Until next time ...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. hello Mel, thankyou for visiting and leaving me a comment over at Hillside. I love your photos, the snow and deer really capture the atmosphere of Christmas. Glad SLim is on the mend.
    Happy new Year to you all!

  2. awww. sorry for the stresses your family members had to deal with. bless you all for 2014 - i hope it is easier for most!

  3. see, you're almost the same age...things are looking up already.

    Yes, Christmas Eve at the farm was quiet this year., but still wonderful.

    Happy New Year so are you and Slimmer going out?
    We're staying under the blankets...too cooooold out there.
    Come play some cards.

    loveya and see ya next yr.

  4. Sorry about the illnesses but wishing you a good new year ahead.

  5. such beautiful photos, you sure have some worries, I will keep your family in my prayers, its exciting news about the baby, ups and downs, every year seems to bring some of both, lets hope 2014 brings more ups than downs, Happy New Year!

  6. I'll hope and pray 2014 is better for you AND me! 2013 was not an ideal year.

    Happy New Year, Mel!

  7. HAHAHAHA Old Grizzles make those noises I hear! Good to hear your report was good. We think of you often. Good entry and updates. so much going on when the family is scattered.
    Love your pictures, they are great, but then lady, so are you.

    Love from Florida.
    Sherry & jack

  8. Thanks for visiting my blog; I enjoyed visiting yours and checking out all those beautiful pictures of snow where you live (love the snow, could do without the cold that comes with it).

    You are so true, 2013 went by incredibly fast. I hope 2014 doesn't.

    Too cute about your husband you being 32 days apart in age! I just turned the big 56 this December; the joys of aging!

    I'm sorry the holiday season was a bittersweet one; I know we've had our share of those too over the years. I especially think a death around the holidays is a hard one to get through.

    May 2014 be a nice one for you and your family!


  9. Oh my, so many issues to cloud the season ... but you always sound optimistic and cheery.

    Amazing how many aches and pains eh?! I am soon to turn the big 6-0. I don't remember my Mom having so many achy woes when she was 60. She just trucked along, right on through and at 99 still has relatively few actual body aches. Strong woman she is/was.