chilly ~

Yesterday and today's temps ... yes ~ even for me it's a wee bit chilly :) BUT ... I still like this weather better than 100 degrees above zero!

There's not much going on around here.  The Dear Hubby is healing nicely from his fall ... but is also finding out that he NEEDS to take it easy. Poor bugger ... it's hard to slow down sometimes.

  He did make molasses cookies today.  I made some peanut butter ones with the chocolate star on them.  Now not to eat them!

Stay warm out there wherever you may be.

Until next time ...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. I can't imagine having your weather, I'm having a hard enough time dealing with mine! BRRRRRR!

    Getting someone that needs to slow down, to admit they NEED to slow down is half the battle. Good luck with that!

  2. And to think I'm complaining about it being a balmy 5 degrees tonight.

  3. A bit nippy here too!!! Stay warm and pray the furnace keeps running!!! Good day for baking, staying warm by the oven!!!

  4. Glad the hubs is doing better. We had sunshine today and it was fairly warm.

  5. Me'n Paula ain't being mean, but it was 82 here today. But we will suffer tomorrow, it will be in the 60's.

    Sorry sweetheart, but that cold weather worries me and SKEERS Sherry.Our best to the Slim man and wishing him a very speedy recovery.

    Love from down here. Sherry & Jack

  6. Glad to hear Slim is up and about - at least good enough to bake cookies. Bitter cold here too!
    Stay warm and answer your phone messages!
    'love & hugs from afar'

  7. Amen to your hubby healing. Those cookies sound yummy.

  8. how'd I miss I suppose the cookies are gone by now...
    phew, what a week.
    hoping for a calmer weekend.
    come see me...I'll do my best to beat Slim at Tricks. lol