only one ~

Sonny Boy Sam comes over this morning ...

Says, " Hey Dad, I heard you can only have ONE donut."

And he hands him this for his birthday.

His timing couldn't have been better.  Give the big boy something to gnaw on while I figure out whats going on with the stove.

I was in the process of baking some Christmas cookies and my oven decided to act up.  Something is goofed as it will only heat to 170 degrees.  Aw crap! Then it decides to heat to temp of 350 ... next time ... low temps ... grrrrrrrr..... it needs to be checked.  Slim said something about a thermal couple ... whatever that is??

Yesterday, it was the furnace ... the fan wouldn't shut off and it was 89 degrees in here when we came home from shopping.  Aw double crap!!  More dinkering around and having to buy parts when they can't be afforded.  double grrrrrrr grrrrrr

Until next time ...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. Definitely something to gnaw on while figuring things out! That donut is huge! Hope the issues are much smaller and can be handled quicker than the time it takes to finish it!

  2. Happy Birthday ahem' SLIM! Do-nut eat it all in one sitting! Good luck with fixing things up Mel.
    'love & hugs from afar'

  3. Sam knows a Slim-size sweetness when he sees one!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE SLIM ONE, (has he lost weight during this ordeal?)
    Yeah, things ain't no fun when they start acting like they ain't supposed to.

    Good luck...
    Love from down here...

  4. Happy birthday to Slim and many many more donuts. Seems when one thing breaks or acts up two more will follow and just when you need calm the most.

  5. Do you think the double digit minus temps have anything to do with it? My 15 yr old oven had been acting like that for the past few years, it was something with the electronics. It was a week before Thanksgiving when I was baking cut out cookies and it started to act up again. I shut the darn thing off, changed my clothes, told hubby we were going to Antigo!! I ordered a new stove. Now I'm a happy camper!!!

  6. Sorry I missed your Birthday Slimmer. No excuses, cept for that forgetfulness thing. I'm sure you had a happy day tackling that doughnut from dear sonny-boy. Keep up the re-coup so you can go fishing.
    As for that stove, I'm coming due for a newbie too but I think I'll have to live with it.