camping ~

I took a ride this evening with my daughter Sara (Dear Hubby was working and couldn't go) out to the Twin Lake's Campground in the Chequamegon National Forest.  I haven't been out there in years.  We camped out there a few times with our girls when they were little.  This time we were going to visit my other daughter, Staci and her family who are camping there.

The campground was empty.  She has the whole place to herself.  

It's a rustic campground.  Kind of like the one at Connor's Lake that I talked about in a prior post.  No showers or electric hook ups.  It's out in the middle of no where land ... beautiful and quiet.  My kind of place :) to pitch a tent or set up a camp for a couple of days.

It has a nice black topped road with no traffic on it ... a good place for a little girl to learn how to ride her bike without training wheels.

This campground has fond memories for Staci.  It's one of the campgrounds that she worked at when she was in the WCC (the Wisconsin Conservation Corp).  One of the projects that she worked on was putting in the board walk through a swampy area to the second lake.  I went for a walk on it this evening ... hoping not to run into a bear along the way.
It starts out as a little path leading off the black topped road. 

Once you get down a little hill towards the bottom the board walk begins.

It winds through the woods and across the lowland.

There's all kinds of moss and ferns and berries to see along the way.

It winds and turns around the trees ~

~ and ends up here:

the second lake of the Twin Lakes

It was so calm and quiet ... not a ripple on the water.

When I got back to the camp from my walk ~ my granddaughter Brooke was showing her patriotism and hanging her flags.

After Brooke finished hanging her pennant we did something that I haven't done in 27 years. 

I went for a bike ride with her!

That's me ~ the blue chunky monkey riding a bike!  

I guess it's true ... once you learn how you'll never forget.  I was a little hesitant after all these years about doing it and having the six knee surgeries and legs that just don't work all the time like I would like them to.  I was ready for a great big gob of gravity to get me; but it didn't happen.  I really had fun!  I'm thinking I'm going to get myself a bike :)

Amanda was so proud of me... and kept saying, "way to go Grandma!"

After the bike riding was over ... the girls asked if it was too late for a swim.  "Of course not" ... was my answer ... "we're camping ... go for it".  They swam until dark.  Now if I was really a brave grannie I would have gone skinny dipping; but I didn't want to shock the poor girls on their first night out in the woods ... maybe tomorrow.

It was a nice way to spend an evening.  Going for a walk, riding the bike, watching my Grandloves swim and sitting around the campfire with my kids again.

Until next time ...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. You're a brave, brave woman. I'd be scared spitless to ride a bike. I don't heal nearly as quick as I used to.

  2. oh, LOVED this!!! loved that you remembered 'like riding a bike!' :) and loved the boardwalk - especially since your daughter had a personal hand in placing it. that shot of the still lake gave me chills... really really wonderful, mel!~

  3. It sounds like it was one of those priceless days. Not crowds. You were able to interact with each other. Good for you on the bike ride. You know, I never learned to ride a bike. There was never any that I remember. Of course we had a dirt yard and dirt roads. You looked great on that bike. . I loved the pictures of the lake. Really good shots.

  4. Double dog dare you to skinny dip. 'Course I wouldn't because I'm too white, have purple veins, swollen ankles, and sag in places I prefer not to. However I would race you on a bike. Glad you all are having so much fun.

  5. This is the ONLY way to camp!!! We love this type of camping...alone, quite, no one to bother you (except a skinny dipping granny!)

  6. Oh sweet thang, such memories you conjur up. Nothing like what is called 'primative' camping. It all looks so pleasant. You take us on a great tour, makes me want to go to one of our favorite 'primative areas'. We do hope to reach the North Country one more time before we pack it in. This time just to slowly see your country. That seems like a great place for a two or three day stop.

    Sherry reminded me it was you who loved the warm Curds. Yes I definitely have learned to love them. Thanks.
    Love to you,SLim & the family. I know that was a 'sweet' time as one of our G-Loves would say!!!

  7. Oh Mel, what a fantastic entry! Your pics are perfect! I love the memories you are conjurring up in me and the fact that you are making such wonderful memories for your Grand-loves. We have bikes so come on over and ride with us. Thanks again for such a wonderful weekend at your house.
    'love & hugs from afar'

  8. Boy, doesn't that just make us want to pack the camper and head to a quiet campground again...wonderful entry and waytogo on that bike. I haven't ridden in yrs. but would give it a go again...The sunset pic looks like a postcard...gorgeous, and nice to see your Grandloves lovin' camping as much as we all did.
    Great stuff...Twin Lakes is beautiful. Are they catching any fish?


  9. Oh my goodness, Mel! You folks really know how to live life to the fullest! I'm with the grandlove who said, "Way to go grandma!"

  10. Loved the walk along the boardwalk to the scenic lake view so peaceful .. Made me smile that you bravely biked and I say a little skinny dipping never hurts...

  11. Hi Mel, Glad you are feeling better. I missed you at my blog on Friday... It was my birthday!!!! I had a True/False 'test'.....

    I love those rustic, less-crowded campgrounds also.. My good friends who do alot of camping hate to go to a campground where there are hookups.. The generators are NOISY.... Doesn't feel much like camping, does it???

    Great pictures. Congrats on getting back on a bicycle.

  12. My D would have loved this campground!

    Good for you to get on that bike and GO! Skinny dipping is on tap.