project ~

Yesterday, I could hear the whirl and whine of the table saw and the smell of fresh cut lumber was coming from the garage.  What were those guys up to now?

Upon closer inspection ...
a floor was being made ...
walls were framed out ...

and all we're missing is the siding, a door, the window placement and a roof.

My guys are building me a  new hunting blind ... yeah!! My old one has a spruce tree laying across it from one of the storms that passed through this summer.  This one is going to be twice the size of my old one!!

If you're a follower of my blog ~ you may remember me posting about my hunting experiences and sitting down in the woods in my little hunting shack ...

the old hunting shack
 Dear Hubby said he's putting a gas heater in my shack for me this year ... no more having to burn firewood and waiting for it warm up AND with the added room I won't be sitting 'on top' of the stove either.  I'm so excited :)

Yes, it was a bit tight in my other shack.  The new one is going to be big enough for two people to comfortably sit in.  I was even promised shelves and a coffee table.  I'll keep you updated:)

It's hard to believe how fast our summer is getting over with already.  It will only be a matter of time and we'll be seeing the snow again.  School starts next week already for my Grandloves.

Soon, Dear Hubby and I will be out in the woods on a steady basis, making our firewood, cutting boughs and trapping season.  Fall is a very busy time around here before we are allowed the luxury of settling in for the winter.  Included in that fall season is my hunting season for the whitetail deer.  Dear Hubby doesn't hunt anymore for deer ~ he said he's harvested enough of them in his lifetime ... now it's my turn.  Two years ago, I harvested my first deer ever ...

last year I didn't get one; but hopefully this year I will have a chance at one again.  I'll be posting again about my hunting experiences, come November ... from my new hunting shack.

Until next time...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. Happy hunting! I used to love to go hunting with my husband when he was alive. We went at his grandma's west of san antonio. That place is now in the city. Grandma and Mel would not believe how that area has changed. We sat in a deer blind with a hole in top but it isn't as cold here. lol

  2. good for you, getting a new hunting mini-cabin! :)

  3. I used to go deer hunting but with a bad back it's hard to sit or stand still. You will be cozy and warm in you new cabin. That
    was a nice one in the picture. Helen

  4. Wow, that's going to be some comfy digs! I'd have to have a way to make coffee, but wouldn't be able to shoot a deer... unless it was with a camera.

  5. A big WOW, looks like a more comfortable hunting season. I was seeing you enjoying the fact you could hunt in comfort, then you slipped and said room for two, now remember no messing around during hunting season, serious business mind on the game, I know Slim will be there trying to mess up your aim!!!!!@!!!!

    Love you Mel and hope you have great luck this year and are comfortable.
    Sending love from down here,
    Sherry & Jack

  6. Oh I'm glad you are getting new huntin' digs. Sounded mighty uncomfortable last fall/winter.

  7. HooRaaaay! So glad for you, Mel. That looks like a wonderful deer shack. I'll look forward to your harvesting story soon! How many deer are you allowed per season?

  8. Well, looky there, a new hunting shack...looks big enough for a cot and a card table...maybe I should sit with you one day. I'll keep score on the cribbage board and bring along my quiet camera.

  9. How 'bout that? You are getting a new hunting shack... Now--you had BETTER get a deer this year!!!!! I'm sure you will....


  10. Hey sweetheart, Can't get handpaintings to come up, will try later.

  11. Now all you need is one of those high faluten' fancy shmancy phones so you can share minute by minute action with pics - kind of like a play by play in the woods!
    'love & hugs from afar'

  12. So you have hunting in your veins. That is going to be real comfy while you wait for that deer. I have had computer problems so missed a day or so. I caused them and I fixed them, sort of.