the project ~

I'm getting an all thumbs up from Sam ... he said, "Mom, your new house is lookin' good."

They are moving right along on my new hunting digs ... aka. Mom's Shack ... the mini cabin. They are assembling it in the garage, then will be taking it apart and putting it back together out in the woods.

It's really not that big of a building ... only 6'x8' ... with an 8' high ceiling ... but to me the pictures seem to make it look bigger.

Yesterday they put the windows and door in to see how everything fit ... then took them back out until it's time for reassembly. I'm getting excited. I can't wait until I can just escape from the house and sit down in the woods with my camera whenever I want. Hunting season is going to be so much more comfortable too, having a nice little shack to sit in ... without burning my feet on the woodstove, and having to plug up the holes and cracks in the walls and floor to keep the mice and snow out.

The fall season is fast approaching in my neck of the woods. The leaves are starting to turn.

Mushrooms are sprouting up all over the place ~ I imagine one of these days soon we'll be out hunting the honey mushrooms that we pick and put up each fall.

I have a lot of clean up to do in my flower beds ... and the black lagoon needs to be drained before frost. I think there's four frogs (maybe more) in there that need to be caught and put down in the pond. I also have some goldfish that I need to get out and put into the aquarium in the house over winter. I think I'll be giving the granddaughters a call and give them some nets and let them at it :)

It's a gorgeous day here in northern Wisconsin. It's only suppose to reach the high 70's today, the sun is shining and there's just a gentle breeze out. My kind of weather ~ unlike the weather that is brewing on the eastern coast of the USA. I hope none of my readers are feeling the effects of Hurricane Irene??? and if you are ... I hope you're safe and comfortable and are able to weather this storm.

Until next time ...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. oh those frogs are precious!!! :)

  2. Sounds good!!! Love the frog shots!

  3. Love, love the last shot!!! I'm beginning to think I may have to wait until winter to see temps in the 70s.

  4. Its amazing how fast the weather is making it's move toward 'autumn.' The leaves are changing, the garden is beyond its prime with leaves withering and its great sleeping with the windows open. LOVE the frog pics as well.
    'love & hugs from afar'

  5. We have trees that think it is fall, but mainly because of lack of water. Love the hunting shack. You gonna be all comfy (YOU and Slim).
    Mushrooms confuse me so I don't mess with them. You guys up there are way too smart for me.
    Great shots of FROGS!
    TAke care and have a great evening.
    Love from down here,
    Sherry & Jack (little wind no rain from Irene.)

  6. You will be able to do some serious thinking in that little quiet house in the woods until the deer you want to set your sites on comes through.

  7. Your tree house is looking good. Bet you can't wait to get out in it. I don't think we will have any pretty leaves here this year. To hot and dry. I have never heard of honey mushrooms. Helen

  8. You're hunting shack sounds great! I'm glad you will have the comfort it affords when the snow flies. Hope you get your deer the first hunt and then can concentrate more on photos. ☺

  9. I had to laugh, and then you clarified the guys intention to unassemble and reassemble...funny!
    Sure is going to be nice for you.
    Love the froggin' pics cool!