summer's end ~

Aren't these some strange looking fungus?  They are called by their scientific name Xylaria Polymorpha ~ but I know them by the common name ... Dead Man's Fingers.  Every year a little cluster of them grow by the base of one of the trees in my yard.  I guess they are a pretty common mushroom in North America; but often go unnoticed ~ mainly because of their color and texture ... they seem to blend in with their surroundings more than other types of mushrooms.   Truthfully, when I first noticed them a few years back ... I thought they were a pile of dog do ... nasty.

My bamboo is finally starting to bloom.  I know there are several varieties of bamboo; and I couldn't tell you what one this is .... just that I know it's a bamboo and it has some pretty nice canes growing too.  The bamboo my sister has growing by her place has real long narrow leaves.

I never tried drying it; but may do so this year.  If it does dry hard enough it could make some pretty neat plant stakes or maybe some picture frames or fishing poles... who knows ??? There must be something crafty I can use it for.

The elder berries are ripe ~ I'll have to get them picked before the birds get them on me.  Have you ever had elderberry jam?  Very tasty!
The flowers are quickly coming to an end ... as is our short summer. 

Mr. Moose is still hiding in the shadows off the edge of the lawn ...

I keep wanting to move him into the open; but Dear Hubby thinks it's kinda funny having him standing off in the woods where you have to be looking to see him and then when he is noticed it's usually the same response, "Did you know you have a moose in your woods?"  Duh!! How do you think he got there???

School starts tomorrow for my 3 granddaughters ... one will be a Senior, one in 7th grade and one in 1st.  Talk about spaced out kids!  I always teased my daughter about having one in each of the schools some day ... well this year is it :)  ... come to think of it ... she had them in each of the three schools last year already.  It's hard to keep up. I'm just glad those days are behind me.

My grandlove, Bailey, ran into one of her friends from school this last time out camping.   It was so cute watching them ride their bikes together and having their chats by the lake ... catching up.

Until next time ...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. love that silly moose hanging out in the woods along your yard! as long as he's not dangerous, i guess! i think i'd rather have my gelding lurking in my yard... :)

  2. I cannot say that mushroom word, I prefer dead man's fingers (FOR A NAME)
    Never had elderberry wine I mean Jam! But I bet you can make it GOOD!

    I think the picture of BAiley and her friend speaks much. What a wonder at that age and the improtant things to talk about. I love it.
    You done good!!!
    Love the entry.
    Sherry & Jack

  3. Oh My Goodness! That picture of your granddaughter and her friend on their bikes in front of the lake - that's awesome! An award winning pic for sure. I've never known much about mushrooms. We had some very pretty ones near the cabin this year, but since I don't know whether they were toxic or not I have just let them live out their cycle. Oh yes, I loved the moose - maybe I could get one for here! ☻

  4. How cool a moose in the woods. I love wild life to watch. That jam sounds good. I have ventured into canning veggies over the past weeks. I would like to try jams & jellies to. Maybe soon when I find recipes. Summer has been short it seems with all the high temps. Fungus is interesting. We have the kind that grows half roud off the trees & looks like a shelf. Thought of you today when I saw a Luna Moth. Blessings!

  5. My flowers are like yours, thinking it is supposed to be the end of summer. It has been 83 and humidity 90 the last 2 days. I don't think I have ever seen mushrooms like that.

  6. I love the moose.

  7. Our summer has been way too long and way too hot. I'm ready to tell it goodbye.

  8. Very cool shot of the kids...that was a special birthday party for Bailey at the campground. We thoroughly enjoyed it...can't believe school buses are on the road again...where did the summer go.
    I have blackberries to put up today and am running out of jars and sugar...that will be the end of it for me...we really do not need another jar of jam, no matter how wonderful the flavor...soon, we will 'both' be diabetics.
    Have a wonderful fall...I have been loving the cooler evenings and warm days...however, today's humidity is going to turn the A/C back on.

    Oh, to answer your ? it does not cover safety glasses~~~figures!:(

  9. There's a fungus amung-us but it's not the hummungus fungus like we have over here in the U.P. - hee hee! That fungus reminds me of a burl on our neighbors tree. I'll have to show it to you on your next visit. It intriques me.
    'love & hugs from afar' See you soon:)