candy corn cookies & doughnuts ~

I saw this recipe on Mimi's Kitchen  and just had to give it a whirl.  Who doesn't love candy corn!!

Mine didn't turn out as cute and uniform as Mimi's ~ but they sure are a tasty little morsel.  I mixed the batter up yesterday ... then with all the wind we were having ... our power went out on us.  So... early this morning when I got up to get Dear Hubby off to work, the power was back on so I finished baking.

Also, since I was in the mood ... a few days ago; but I'm finally getting around to posting :)

I'm not one for using a mix on  hardly anything ... almost all my baking is from scratch BUT when it comes to my doughnuts ... I just can't go wrong using the bag of pre-mix that I purchase at the Mennonite's bulk foods store ~ Beaver Creek  in Athen's, WI.  All you add to the mix is 4 Tablespoons of yeast and 4 Cups of water ... let it rise ... cut them out  ... and fry in veggie oil.  The cost? $4.65 for six dozen!!! Try to top that price.  I know I can't. 

Of course, it just broke Dear Hubby's heart to see me package them up and put them in the freezer for later consumption.  I did give him a few in his lunch box and for breakfast.

Until next time ...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. You are amazing. Up in the North woods you do everything. I don't think I have evefr known of anyone making doughnuts at home. Mama never did. Now I want to do that. You cause a lot of problems. Sherry will want some with chocolate all over them. OUCH!

    They are pretty and no, you cannot beat the price, and I know the labor is a work of love. I know Slim loves them.

    Love the corn candy. Never seen that done either, but that is no surprise, you always come up with something I have never heard of.

    And I thought I 'Knowed' it all! hahahahahaa

    Love you lady,
    Sherry & Jack down where it is still HOT!!!!!

  2. 'Scuse my typos', you know I love ya!

  3. They look so yummy! I love this time of year....Beth tends to start baking again!

  4. That's a whole heap of donuts!

  5. WOW!!! That's a very good price on those donuts! So, what is up with the cookie candy corn?? Looks good with a cup of coffee??!!

  6. I wouldn't dare make 6 dozen doughnuts. I love doughnuts. They would disappear quickly. :)

  7. My mom used to make do-nuts. I can not figure out why cause she had to watch her pennies. I was to young but she always had yeast, flour, sugar and eggs. The fat they fried them in would have had to have been lard. The candy corn is so cool to look at. Afraid mine would look strange with my shaky hands. You make me hungry for home made doughnuts.

  8. My Mom used to make both cake and bread donuts. Such fond memories of coming home to a steamy kitchen on bread making day. Mom would drop a piece of dough (like elephant ears) into some hot lard and then ice it when it cool off for our after school snack. So yummy.