tajMELhall ~

Today was the big reassembly project and  big move of the hunting shack, aka. mini cabin, Mom's hunting shack, aka. The tajMELhall.

The guys had already made a trip out to the woods with the tajMELhall loaded on the trailer behind the four wheeler and in the back of the pick up truck.  They didn't wait on me ~ because I was busy in the kitchen canning pickled beets.  I'm such a domestic diva.

I walked out later to see how things were progressing. Got your hikers on?  Come along ~

This is the trail that I'll be walking every day in November during the deer/rifle season to get to my hunting stand.
It's a nice trail ... actually it's an old road bed ... the old old OLD state highway 70 ... back before the days of black topped highways.  This is the road that the horse and buggy and model T's used.  It runs between my Mom's place and mine. 

Going up a little grade here.  Oh I just love walking through these woods.  My sisters and I put on a lot of miles with the horses through these trails when we were kids.

You can't tell by the picture; but this is the spot that we called the "maples" or "by the big pine" - which is off to the left.  Then it became the intersection where you'd turn to the south to head to Mom's shack (my mother's) but is now MY hunting shack that we'll be heading to - the tajMELhall.  hehe ... how do you like the name?

Now we're walking south.  We were going east ... but you knew that ~ right?

Not much further...  I see the four wheeler parked beside the spot where the old stand once stood.

There it is ~  the tajMELhall ... sitting in all it's glory ... partially assembled ... waiting on it's completion and the month of November to roll along so I can take up residency. 

It looks so much smaller out in the woods than it did when it was being assembled in the garage.

The floor is laid on blocks... the walls are being reassembled ...

I'm so fortunate to have such a loving hubby and son who are making this for me :)

The roof is on ...
Tomorrow ... the windows will be put in and the curtains will be hung. 

Even if I don't see a deer during hunting season ... at least I'm going to have a nice snug building to hunker down in with my camera whenever the mood hits me.  I plan on using the tajMELhall for bird watching and any other critter watching too. It's my little get-away.

If you can't find me ... that's where I'll be.

Until next time ...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. I thought your name quite creative! Your cabin looks quite cute and cozy and I know you will put it to good use.

  2. What a lovely walk. Thank you for allowing me to tag along. Sorry I was so slow, my hiking boots dry rotted and I threw them out, I'm out of shape and my flip-flops kept getting dirt in them. I promise to do better, next time.

    It's looking great!

  3. Fantastic Mel! I love the tajMELhal. ☺☺☺ And loved reading the story of state route 70. My kinda place. I know you will get your deer this harvest season, for sure!

  4. I like the name of your hunting cabin. You can do some serious thinking back there even if you don't get your deer.

  5. Great name to call your shack :)
    Beautiful beets... I've never done beets before either. You are so busy!
    Hope you enjoy your weekend!

  6. Yep, words are hard to explain the walk inthe woods. Love it and truly like the ides of the new tajMELhal. I hope this season awards you with a great harvest. Of all: Meat, pictures, fun, excitement and relaxing seclusion.

    See you in a week Sweets. Great entry, you hunting and domestic diva!!!.

  7. Taj-MEL-hall is looking pretty good. Every time I walk that old trail the memories of our horse riding days almost overwhelms me. Like you said, we spent many hours out in the woods taking in all nature had to share. I love that Mom and Dad taught us about the love of their surroundings. Any wonder we're all nature lovers now.
    As for the canning, I thought I was done but I put up another 6 quarts of pickled 'end of garden mixed vegetables' today.
    'love & hugs from afar Sis'

  8. You named your hunting home perfectly...oh creative one. I would suppose there will be little card playing, or cribbage, you might miss that big boy coming round the edge to see if you're winning. So do you walk in heel-to-toe like the folks taught us? Beets look so good.

  9. Dagnabit! I just totally lost my comment~~~as you would say, anywho~pickled beets look great, tajMELhal looks good, perfectly named, all you need now is NOV. to slide in all ready for you.
    How's Sambo?

  10. Pickled beets are another favorite of mine when Mom used to make them or if I just happen to be where someone has made them.