fall clean up ~

It started ... time for cleaning up for the fall and winter season.  One of the first "to do's" on my list is bringing in all the plants that I want to carry over until next spring ~ off the deck.  That means having to rearrange the furniture again too in the living room so everything can have it's place once again.... and the sofas get rearranged for better television viewing. I'm not saving over too many plants this year. 

We have two sofas in our living room ~ his and hers (his is the big one on the right).  During the summer months I push mine up against the railing ... going downstairs; but in the winter months I like to move it in closer to "his" sofa ... so Dear Hubby can hear me when I'm doing my cheerleading for football! Plus ~  he can admire me all lounged out on mine without having to turn his head.  I'm just trying to make things easier for him in his old age.  He is 32 days older than me. lol

That gives me more room then for my plant table by the railing ... plus gives me room for the Christmas tree come December ... just thinking ahead :)

I've been taking down screens too off the windows ... and washing windows before the cold sets in. So much to do and so little time.  Our summer is so short in my neck of the woods and the winter months come on so fast.  We're already having frost warnings at night ... and temps in the 30'sF.  It won't be long and the maple trees will be showing their glorious fall colors ... followed by that dreaded "S" word ~ snow.  This morning the local newscaster said there was a very faint falling of it already this morning in Tomahawk ~ which is just to the south of us less than a hundred miles.  I hope he was mistaken.

Until next time ...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. such beautiful pine paneling! lovely! S? eek!

  2. Thou art such a busy body. But I am so proud of you for thinking of Slim and making things easier for him, what a nice lady!!! After all he is looking OLDER. haha,

    I love the inside of your place. No matter how it is arranged, it looks lovely. amazing you are getting frost warnings, I mean amazing to us down here.
    But you are right, not long until the Maples will be beautiful,, love 'em.
    Take care, give Slim our love.
    Sherry & Jack from down here.

  3. Your home looks so "homey and cozy". You are way ahead of me...haven't even thought about taking screens out or washing windows. I DID put a quilt on the bed about 3 a.m. It was getting pretty chilly. We had 29 degrees this a.m!

  4. Your place looks great. I love when you have th couches close and the table along the railing. We had a great weekend, wish you would have followed us up to Little Girls Point. I did some rock hounding. Beautiful day. BUT we came home a garden wiped out by FROST!!! Not happy - it's supposed to freeze again tonight so we covered what we could salvage. I'll be picking all the tomatoes tomorrow for sure.
    'love & hugs from afar'

  5. Frost warnings, already? Oh, my!

  6. Don't even want to think of fall cleaning and clearing...put the coffee pot on, I'm on my way over to see you and your new ' arrangement.'

  7. Wow are you ever ahead of the game. I am still working on spring cleaning.
    Love your winter arrangement.

  8. I am like several folks. I love your home. No sign of the frost or snow here. Helen

  9. What is it about Fall that kicks in our nesting habits ??!! I think it's the knowledge that we will be stuck indoors all winter, and we want it as nice as it can be :)
    We have had a few nippy mornings here, but nothing like you've had.
    We really haven't had much of a summer this year, so I can wait for cold weather.... that's for sure!
    I'm doing a Fall giveaway. Found some really cute stuff and wanted to share. Come over and check it out :)
    Have a great weekend!