the project update ~

Things are moving right along on the project at hand in my neck of the woods ... taking out the old hunting shack and building a new replacement.

We went down in the woods with the chainsaw, tractor and chains to get things started.  First a little brushing on the trail in to where the old shack was and the new one is going needed to be done.

Fallen trees needed to be pulled out of the way and off the old shack.

Chains were wrapped around the building ... the tractor was fired up ... and off we go ~

It probably would have been just as easy to plow it under right there in the woods; but we didn't ~ it's getting hauled back over to the farm to the burn pile.

Just look at this roof ... now talk about a hunting shack that is falling apart and in need of improvement!! The door and windows had been ripped off and broken from the bear several times.  The whole thing is rotten and was falling apart all the way over to the farm as it was being pulled through the trail.  You can't tell by these pictures; but the floor came off while pulling it ... the "good wall" cracked in half, the other wall busted open ... it was a mess.

Back home in the garage ~
work on the new hunting shack is coming along.

... the table saw is still getting a work out ~

The roof ... which will be attached down in the woods is getting shingles and then was flipped over onto the trailer for some installation of insulation.  Say that really fast ten times :)

The walls are temporarily up and insulated.
A window shelf, aka. gun rest, has been added.
A cot frame and drop down table put in ...

A first coat of stain on the outside is on ...

It won't be long now and it'll all be taken apart ... put onto the trailer ... hauled into the woods ... reassembled, windows and door put on ... the roof placed on ... heater installed ... and we'll be calling it finished ...

... and the squirrels will be whispering ~ 

"I think a crazy nut lives in there."

It'll just be me ... biding my time ... during another hunting season.

Until next time ...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. Bet you can't wait to get installed in it. Helen

  2. coulda got a better picture of the tractor. Looks like an 8N to me.(never satisfied, huh?)

    Just joking I love the story, the narriative and the pictures. i see Slim was supervising. I know you are proud of this one. You will have to put a sign, no pears allowed out of season! LOL

    glad you are getting right along.

    Love from North Carolina (Hunting blind, means cold weather is on the way, time to head for Florida for us chickens!!!!)

  3. That is a labor-intensive project! You'd better be a really good shot to repay that, Mel!

  4. You can even take a nap or eat lunch in that one but don't sleep too sound or you may miss the "big one". You make me wish I could go hunting again. Well I mean I was a "tag along" with my husband.

  5. Hunting shack?! Very cool! My hubby would think having a hunting shack would be the ultimate way to be spoiled :)

  6. THAT is hunting in style!!! If I had something like that, I might have been tempted to have kept my 308!

  7. Hahaha, it looks like you are dragging an outhouse!

  8. MEL! I'm so happy for you!!! Slim must surely love you and want you to be as comfortable as possible while hunting this winter. I think that is just great!!!

  9. I love it. I'm archery elk hunting right now and can't sit still. That would be perfect.