fall beauties ~

 ~ the treetops behind my garage ~

I just thought I'd share today some of the shots captured from the TajMELhal. 

This is a fawn that was born this spring. It's grown out of it's spots.  You can see just a few of them remaining yet on his/her little rump.

Where's Momma?  
Here she is...

Mother and child reunion ...
not that they would be separated long - believe me ... that momma deer knows where her baby is at all times. 

Time for a little afternoon nourishment for our little fawn ...

Company!  It looks like Auntie and her fawn are dropping in for a visit.

More than likely, the two does are sisters ~ as they let their offspring play together like this. 

 A little rough housing with the cousin :)

Until next time ...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. Thanks for your comment in my blog and your prayers. Love those pretty trees and love the deer. Those young ones are so cute playing together. Helen

  2. I've never understood how anyone could look in those beautiful eyes and pull a trigger. I have no problem with people hunting for food, but I know for a fact, I'd starve if I had to do it. I'm a wimp!

  3. What a beautiful place to live. Love your picture's. Jean

  4. It must be nice to just sit in your little cabin and soak in the quiet.

  5. Awww! Mel! Can't wait for the season to open. I was out on one of my fav trails last week and see someone has hung a trail cam where I had dug the ground and put a few melon seeds! Ha.

  6. Awww Shucks, you gonna have friend Fred up in Wisconsin you keep showing those bear and the deer.
    We are back as of this morning. Sailed 7 days, ate 7 days, hahahahah

    Love the entries Hard for us guys to believe all the bear up there. Don't know as I want to clean & dress one out, but I wouldn't mind trying.

    Anyway, I hope the TajMelhal produces a good harvest. It already has some beautiful shots.

    Love from Florida!!!
    Sherry & Jack

  7. Great photos! I know how hard it is to get them, so I'm impressed. Thank you for sharing. It is a nice fall senario.

  8. First, Congrats to all the successful Bear Hunters in your Association...impressive.
    As for the gorgeous colors, I think with the warm weather right now, those pretties will hang on the trees a bit longer. We should take a Little Girl's Point drive, ya think? The sun is shining, the air is clear, the trees are bright.
    Love the kids playing in that last photo~~~

  9. Stopped by, enjoyed the deep photos, I have eaten Bear before, but it has to be cooked carefully.. Fall is coming here, leaves are changing, apple cider is being made fresh, hunting season is almost here.
    take care,

  10. These are such sweet photos! Thanks for sharing! We rarely see deer during the daylight hours. We do hear them at night munching on the crab apples in our side yard.

  11. Love your Autumn photo, Mel... Can't wait 'til we get more color here.... AND your deer pictures are marvelous.... Thanks so much!

  12. Those photos are beautiful. We have had beautiful weather here but supposed to get quite warm today, like 90 and then cool down again.