all systems go ~

Doing the happy dance ... and it's for a good reason ... the septic system is all hooked up again and it's all systems go!  For a while there I was thinking we'd have to build us an outhouse and I'd have to take the old wash board off the wall, that hangs in my laundry room as decor, and actually use it.

We now have quite an additional yard space, that we weren't counting on across the driveway, that was once woods.  It already looks better than the picture above ~ today it was getting smoothed out and stumps taken away so we can seed it down with clover.  The deer and rabbits are going to love me :)

I'm just happy this project is coming to an end and we can once more use the toilet, washing machine, dish washer, sinks and showers and let water down the drains.  Those handy little things one takes for granted.  It's not fun going without those things unintentionally.

The plumber did leave me with a very interesting tip though.  I had asked him about using products, like R*D X , etc... and other chemicals  for your drain field and septic and he told me what he does ... although, he did say that he would deny telling me this if someone asked him... haha ... so I'm just not going to divulge his name.  Our new plumber knows his s#*&!

What he does for his own system is this:

Every fall (and he claims it has to be in the fall ~ because it is usually during the winter and spring time when systems fail) ... and this trick will keep the "good bacteria" that a septic system needs to keep functioning properly throughout the winter months.

 He adds 2 products to his system by flushing them down the toilet once a year.  You can get them at the grocery store ... and it's a very easy and a CHEAP way to keep things flowing and your drain field healthy. 

What are they?
A Cake of Compressed Yeast 
A Pound of Brown Sugar

Go Green and Keep It Clean ~ you don't need any harsh chemicals for a happy septic system!

The yeast and sugar combo flush, once a year,  is enough to keep the good bacteria fed and happy.  And a happy septic system make this momma a happy camper!

Until next time ...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. Little things mean alot. Glad you got your system up and running so you can go. Interesting about the yeast and sugar. Take care.

  2. I've wondered if it would be a good thing to add yeast to the septic tank - now i know! Thanks for the tip. I'm glad you are up and running again - and just down the hall and not out in the bush somewhere where the skitters can nip your butt!!!!!

  3. You must be soooooo relieved! (pun intended)

  4. I'm going to give this hint to John for the farm house, not that he will listen to me. So glad you are back in business.

  5. the ingredients are interesting! i wonder if they're good for aerobic systems, too.

    glad you're back to 'normal'!

  6. YES, YES sweet words from an inspector, looks good 'COVER IT UP'.

    Glad all is well and things are flushing right along. I laughed at the statement of an outhouse, because yesteday I got to see President Buchanan's out house, a 5 or 6 holer. Even one for potty training. Got a good laugh out ofit, andput it on my blog.

    Anyway good you and Slim can take a bath now! No not together, no need to save water now!!!

    Love from here in PA, home of President Buchanan.

  7. We are definitely going to be using that solution each fall., and so simple. I like cheap too, or I should say we like ' frugal.' Glad you're up and running but you can still come and play in the pool with us again.

  8. I've heard of yeast, but never the lb. of brown sugar, make sense. So glad you're up and running again. The creature comforts we need!!!!