destination 2 ~

Continued on from yesterday's post ...  the second stop of the road trip with the kids.

Little Girls Point Gogebic County Park  in Ironwood, MI

Little Girls Point is a beautiful beach on the shores of Lake Superior.  Supposedly named for a Chippewa Indian girl who drowned there in the 1800's.

We have camped there on numerous occasions when our kids were younger; back when we did a lot of camping trips.  Little Girls Point was one of our favorite places to park the camper for a week or two.  

This beach is known for finding agates.   Staci easily had over a dozen of them by the end of the day ... me zero.  I wish I had gotten a picture of all of them.

 same rocks flipped over on the other side ...
The waters here are so clean and clear - and all the different kinds of rocks that roll in with the tide are so pretty.  Hues of all colors.

It's only rocky a few yards out ... then all of a sudden ... if you're not careful (and have bum knees) a rolling wave will come in and you'll find yourself a bit deeper than intended :)  It drops off that fast. 

It was so refreshing!

We laid on the waters edge and  agate hunted and did some swimming for a long stretch of the afternoon.  This is my kind of day.

Bailey enjoyed tossing bread to the sea gulls.  I enjoyed watching her having so much fun.

I marked the spot where we were when we left ... the old Indian way.  

On the way home we passed this place.  I told the kids I was there once when it was called Roy's Place, or something like that, and after one day of meeting me they changed the name. LOL

 Until next time ...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. oh, i remember those old bars from my homeland well. :) a tavern on every corner. :)

  2. We gotta take a ride and visit that area. I love Superior, Perhaps this fall. Be warned sista'!

  3. Great shots, Mel! I love the one of the clear water showing the rocks. Good thing you didn't have your camera when you took that unexpected dunking.

  4. Agree with the owners, good name change. LOL
    The beach looks inviting to everyone with the heat the way it has been. Love the rocks, I have found a few very polished rocks here in PA.
    Great entry and I love to stack rocks.
    Love youlady

    From Pennsylvania.

  5. OHHHHHHHHHH you got to Little Girl's Point AND Copper Peak. I can't even remember the last time up there, I'm thinking it was with you and Slim but I was sick. Did you stop at the Artesian Well for an ice cold drink?
    Stac sure found some awesome agates.
    What a great day for you all. Next weekend we are going with Andy and his boys. Cannot wait. One never forgets the beauty of it all.

  6. Oh my goodness I have to go there. I used to collect rocks as a child and my grandpa left me his rock collection. I would be so excited to find agates. They are beautiful, for sure. what a lovely day you had. It looks relaxing and fun.

  7. Oh Mel ~ We love that place - that's all I can say!
    'love & hugs from afar'

  8. Thanks for visiting my blog. How did you find me? We love Little Girl's Beach. My kids love all the rock - although we've never found agates. Guess we'll need to look closer. My girls hardly get into the water - they're so busy looking at the rocks.