oh the joy of owning a home ~

Along with the joy of owning your home ...  comes those unexpected moments of  "this is NOT what I signed up for" moments.  We're living the homeowners nightmare this week - a failed septic system!

We built our house 13 years ago.  We followed all the suggestions of the contractor on how, what, when, where the septic system was put in.  We passed all the perk test required by law, the size of the drain field, we get the tanks pumped out clean every 3 years as required by law, etc... and now this ~

Come to find out our drain field is too small for the size of house and it's saturated and it can't handle it anymore ... it needs to be replaced.  Although, at the time of the original construction it was the minimal size required by law, and still is.  Believe me, when the inspector shows up tomorrow I'm going to be questioning this!

So here's what my once pretty little woods across the drive way has been subjected to:

First ... a few trees had to be removed to make it open enough for the equipment to come in to fix the problem.

Luckily Dear Hubby and Son are able to do this and we didn't have to hire this part of the project out.


Our Granlove Brooke even spent a day with her G'pa & Uncle Sam, helping to haul off brush and branches ~

Here's yesterday and today:

... new risers, baffles and filters awaiting installation ~

where the old drain field ended ...
... now where the new one will end ~

~ the trench has been dug ... new pipe and rock laid in the trench ... filter cloth over that ...

We can't finish up ... and close things and put the earth back or make any of the final connections until we have the County Zoning Administrator come and do a final inspection ... required by Wisconsin law ~ which is scheduled for tomorrow morning.

In the mean time ... no water down the drains ... or toilet flushing or showers ... Nahdah!  Thank God, Mom lives just down the road for emergency pit stops :)

I just pray that all the inspections pass tomorrow and we can get this homeowners nightmare behind us!

Until next time ...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. oh dear! when we moved here 10 yrs ago, they determined our septic needed to be replaced. we had to go from an anaerobic system to an aerobic system w/ sprinklers - no drain field.

  2. Bummer! Dang don't you just hate when things go wrong. Good luck with the inspection. Now lets look at the bright side ~ I see a new shooting lane - oh wait, that won't work because its toward the highway! Oh I got it - a new squash field!
    'love & hugs from afar'

  3. Wow that is a huge problem I am so sorry! sandie

  4. OMG, I didn't imagine the earth-moving to be so can come shower here and play in the pool...bring Slim, he must be a mess by now ~;-)
    all kidding aside, if there is anything we can do besides paying for that house owners nightmare---
    fish for supper, bring your swim arms

  5. RE: DAR ~ I think you meant "praying" not "paying" ~ but if you want to PAY for this project I'll bring the bill over when we come for our "bath" oops... I mean dip in your pool! LOL

  6. Re: Mel, Sorry Sis, I did not mean we'd Pay and Yes, we will PRAY for good things for your home owners nightmare..ROFL..Dar

  7. Yikes, what a nightmare! I don't have a clue what all that costs, but it can't be cheap. Thank goodness you had help with the trees. Around here, that alone costs a small fortune. Good luck!

  8. I read new drain field, I did not expect that giant hoe to be in the picture. I expected a smaller tractor back hoe, not a TRACK HOE. I guess the north county is different. But that is DEEP compared to our drain fields. You do get to save the old drain field don't you? Be a waste not to, because it will dry out. But maybe your rules/laws are different.

    Sure am sorry to hear this, because you are right, this is an expensive home owners nightmare. OUCH!

    BUT WE ARE SENDING LOVE TO YOU AND SLIM AND HOPE all is well with the inspection. Have Slim stand close to mr. Inspector with a BIG POLE!

  9. We had septic issues at our old house and they were not fun at all. :-( Hope things will be fixed soon...

  10. It broke my heart to see that beautiful tree come down. Townies are so unaware of how important the septic system is. Hope you guys pass inspection, and can get your yard back to normal!!

  11. So sorry for your troubles. Good luck.

  12. What a mess. Sorry for your troubles. seems when it rains it pours. we had two cars in the shop last week. Hope things get put back to normal soon. Take care.

  13. Wow, you have strict laws! I got my tank emptied after 5 years last fall and the fellow told me that, by the look of it i could go 7 next time - just me living here and all. I am super careful what goes down my drains because i've heard of these kind of nightmares! What a mess, expense and inconvenience!

  14. I knew Slim was full of it'