let it snow ~ let it snow ~ let it snow ~

Hello ...
Did someone forget to turn down the heat?  Woohoo... it's a warm one out there! This is Wisconsin ... the cold state ... or at least it used to be ... please pray for snow.  I'll take the cold any day over this.  I'm really not a summer heat kind of gal.

If you see me outside on the ground flopping around like a fish out of water ... I'm okay ... I'm not having a seizure or anything ... just flip me over like a piece of bacon ... one side is cooked.

I know ... deal with it :)  As I am trying to do ... but I really don't care for it being this hot. Unless you're sitting inside in AC it's just too darn hot for doing anything comfortably.  Being between the two Great Lakes does help keep our humidity level up there too ... oh happy happy joy joy :( grrrrrrrrrrrr    There is a HUGE difference between dry heat and humid heat.  A northern Texas 100 is not a northern Wisconsin 100.  I'll take the Texas 100 any day over this.

okay... enough griping ... I just needed to vent :)

Mom and bro's coming over for a picnic supper.  Cooking out on the grill and eating inside.  I need to go and shuck some corn.

Until next time ...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. i spoke to my sis in UP Mich today and said the same thing. your humidity is tough to take in summer. at least Dallas is far enough inland from the gulf where we don't get the insufferable humidity and usually keep some sort of breeze to help...

  2. I'm in SE Texas and we've got plenty of humidity to share with those who don't have enough. Ugh!

    Try to stay cool and Happy 4th!

  3. Enjoy your picnic supper and I know you will. We had our corn last night. lol

  4. I did not realize you guys were hot also. But mama coming over should have made the day for you. Love the lady give her our love.

    Hope Slim is cool!

    Take care and Happy fourth!!!!

  5. KEEP your cool. It's HOT everywhere. But I don't want to see snow quite yet. LOL HAPPY 4th. ENJOY.

  6. Yesum, it's been a scorcher...Newman Lake, a spring fed lake, even was bathwater warm...first Eric's waterfall, then the lake, so it was at least tolerable.
    So, did you deepfry that corn or grill it?
    BlessYaSis, StayCool

  7. Good luck staying cool, we're frying here in Pickerel too!! Hope and pray we don't get nasty storms!!

  8. I feel for cuz i don't like heat either. So far we've had it cool but that is about to change or so they tell us. Just be comforted that this too shall pass ... In time.

  9. It is so discouraging that as far north as you are that it is still brutally hot.
    You have my sympathies. Canada looks better every year. May we all get a break soon.

  10. Had to look twice at the date to make sure that we were talking the same

    It's hot everywhere, this must be global warming, and it's worrying.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  11. I know what you mean about humidity. We used to live on the west coast and humidity was almost non-existant there. When we moved to the east coast I was in serious shock that first summer. Who knew toilets could sweat?

  12. Can I vent with you from GA? It is so dang hot here. It is hard to breathe.

    Welcome follower and I am your newest follower. Looking forward to learning more about you.