america the beautiful?? ~

This is disturbing...

Yesterday, our neighbor came over and was telling me about a friend of theirs,  received some horrible news about their son.  He was living in Canada and his body was found in Michigan ... in a landfill.  The story can be read HERE.

My heartfelt sympathy goes out to that family.

I just couldn't believe this is going on ... and has been for years.  I guess there is huge money in garbage and I like so many other American's out there I too was just oblivious to what's happening.

Did you know that Canada's largest export by volume is it's garbage?  And who's importing it?  The USA!!  Like we don't have enough of our own garbage to deal with.

Kudo's to Canada ... why bury it in their back yard when they can send it down to us.

Just another example of our poor judgement and money hungry government officials that are allowing this to happen!

Why isn't this a more publicized issue in the political realm?

Do a Google search on garbage ... it stinks ... you won't like what you read.

We not only import garbage ... we also take the septic sludge ~ and you know what that is!

America ... Clean up your act! 

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So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. No I didn't realize that we get Canada's garbage. Makes you wonder what else is going on that we're unaware of.

  2. I can't believe this! I checked out the link. I actually did an email to family and friends about the story and linked it to your blog. Rural Americans are looked down upon for spreading manure and other "run off" practices - we are told by the "green police" that we are BAD Americans. What about those politicians who sold us out to Canada! And people wonder why I don't trust the government. You can bet, if we do this for Canada - whom we don't owe money to....what do we do for China??? Blessings from an upset Ringle resident!

  3. Did you know that Canada is hiring American veterans to work on the pipeline that our "govt" vetoed to run thru' America??? It is a strange world...makes ya think we are truly headed towards a dictatorship!

  4. Absolutely explosive government we have...I read this somewhere on the net, it was written in the Men's Restroom in Wash.D.C.
    If pro is opposite of con, then what is opposite of progress?

    Truth hurts and as if our country wasn't up to it's neck already in wasteful government...

    My sincerest sympathy to your friend's, friends family over the loss of their son. It makes you wonder what happened to him in the first place to end up in a landfill~

  5. I had no idea - that is one more thing I disagree with here. sandie

  6. had no idea. and so sad for that family.

  7. The whole thing makes me just sick!
    So sorry for his family.
    'love & hugs from afar'

  8. I too feel for the family of this young man. How terrible it must have been to hear this news.

  9. I had no clue! My condolences to your neighbors friend. I'm off to read that, now.

  10. I had no idea. Can't help but wonder why? They have so much unused land, are we that hard up for money?

  11. Who knew? A shame about that young man.

  12. Thanks for the info. This is terrible. I cannot believe this is happening. How long has it been going on? And the TREE HUGGERS haven't yelled foul. They had rather fuss about someone using a renewable resource.
    Thanks Mel. I think I will write some letters too!