chew quieter, the horses will hear ~

Hey ... look what Mel tossed over the fence ~
I'm lookin' ... I'm lookin' ...
yuck ...
I don't know where you cows get your sense of taste.

Chew quieter!  
The horses will hear.

What are those fat cows eating now?
Do you smell what I smell?
Oh yeah ~ I'm smelling it.  
It's a corn cob buffet!!

I think my brother's cows and horses like me :)

Until next time ...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. oh, too cute! love spoiling animals!

  2. Always a surprise. Neat original entry, but then you are an original. Love from here, I will think of this one today, that is for sure!
    have a good day 'cute' lady!

  3. I see you gathered. We looked for that farm yesterday with no luck,....
    BlessYa...Love the HorseTalk

  4. What a crowd you gathered. thought the horses were smelling something else. LOL Take care.