purple veggies ~

This must be the dog days of summer they talk about ... there really isn't much going on.  I've been busy in the garden, harvesting and canning and making breads and side dishes with zucchini.  I only have two zucchini plants and I thank the Good Lord that He didn't allow the germination of all six seeds I planted!  Those things are going wild on me.

Purple Veggies ~

I pulled some Purple Top Turnips the other day.  We like to snack on them raw when they're small.  I'm the only one in the family that really cares to eat them cooked.  Look though at this one ... turnip on steroids :)  I think it liked all that black dirt we hauled onto the garden last fall from my brothers farm.

I must admit ... I was a bit hesitant about even cleaning it and cooking it up.  Usually, if they get that big they are woody, very strong tasting or wormy ~ not something I want to eat.  To my surprise though it was nice and tender, very sweet tasting and not a single little pesky worm in it. 

Yum ... steamed turnips straight from the garden with a little butter, salt and pepper. 

One other purple veggie that I had to dig out to see how they were coming along were some Purple Cosmic Carrots.  LOVE THEM!!

The skins are purple and the insides are orange just like a regular carrot.  To cook them, or for canning, you just scrub off the root hairs.  The purple skins retain their color even when cooked.  They make  a very pretty salad topper, served raw, when grated or julienned too.  Kids love eating these funky looking carrots ~ grown ups too!

Well ... I suppose ~ pc time is up ... 

I need to go and finish up my laundry then put together a veggie/burger casserole for supper.  

A layer of browned hamburger, a layer of sliced onions, a layer of chopped celery, a layer of carrot slices, a layer of potato slices, a layer of YOU GUESSED IT - zucchini slices, half a can of cream of mushroom soup, another layer of hamburger, onions, celery, carrots, potatoes, and YOU GUESSED IT- zucchini slices and the other half can of cream of mushroom soup.  Sprinkle on some grated cheese, into the oven at 350 for half an hour or so ... until it's all bubbly and cheese is melted and starting to get crusty, the veggies are all cooked fork tender and it's looking like it's time to chow down :)

Until next time ...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. purple carrots! very different!

  2. Did you have an Zucchini this year? (smile).
    Oh, I love turnips right out of the ground, wash 'em and eat 'em. Never heard of nor seen that Carrot. (YOu mean they have worms? nobody told me!")

    My first turnips came out like carrots, and I am telling my mama on the phone and she says, "You didn't thin them out?" Well no, I didn't want to waste them. hahahaha

    She laughed at my 80 tomato plants too, I started them from seeds. I never did become a farmer!!!

    Good entry lady and the food sounded great, even with the multitudes of Zukes.
    Love from NY

  3. I remember having a bumper crop of zucchinis one year. I even made zucchini pancakes. I only did that ONCE! :)

  4. Oh Yes! Love eating the turnips -raw or cooked. Never had any purple carrots, but I'll bet they are good. Send some of that cooked veggie dish over to the 100 mile wilderness c/o Jack D., O.K.? ☺

  5. I want me some Purple Cosmic Carrots. They are my favorite color.

  6. Never have had the Purple Cosmics but will have to check out some seed...let one carrot go to seed???
    One thing's for sure, you throw together the best combos for a meal~ but then you always were good at that sorta thing.

  7. Mel, congratulations! You won the cookbook giveaway on my blog. E-mail me with your mailing address--cafejohnsonia (at) gmail (dot) com.

    I love the things you're getting out of your garden. We have some purple carrots growing too. Aren't they gorgeous?

  8. Hi Mel, thanks for posting that recipe. It seems simple and tasty! I'll probably cut the ingredients in half and then freeze the left-overs... maybe give Izzy a bite :)
    I have never tried thew purple carrots but am going to put them on my list for next year!