gardeners handscrub ~

While surfing the internet a while back I came across One Good Thing By Jillee  On her site she made a Gardener's Hand Scrub.  Of course, it was another one of those "got to try" things on my list of "to do's".

Well ... today I finally "to do'ed it".  I know ... do'ed's not a word ... but it should be ... shouldn't it?  Dude.
I guess it is a word ... just not in the right context.

All it is is (is is) Is that right?  My grade school grammar teacher must be rolling over in her grave.  God Bless you Mrs. Olson.

It's just the pink Dawn dish soap with the Olay Hand Renewal in it mixed with sugar.  The recipe is on Jillee's site.  I hope she doesn't mind me sharing this with you.

This stuff is fantastic!  My only regret is that I didn't make up a batch of it sooner.

Oh well ... there's still a lot of gardening to do and I'm always washing my hands.  This Gardener's Scrub really works great and it leaves your hands feeling so smooth.  I can't wait until October comes around and I'm cutting balsam boughs for making wreaths.  You always get so much pitch on your hands and I'm sure this stuff will work great on getting that off too :)  I hate using that those harsh cleaners on my delicate, fat little dactyls.

Until next time ...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. Well that is one I won't have to worry about, I don't think I would ever qualify. But I know my man Slim will be happy that thou art happy.

    Love you lady, no matter how your hands feel.
    From New Hampshire with Love.

  2. Isn't butter supposed to work for pitch? That's what they say to use on dogs when they get sap in their paddy paws.

  3. VERY interesting mixture. Glad iy works and you love it. It's hard to keep your hands feeling smooth.

  4. Well, I'll be.....that does sound like it works and can't wait to see if it works on your 'pitch' problem.
    I have an oatmeal soap bar that works wonders too. I'm sure you figured out the cost, so give~~~of course, I recon you first have to finish a batch and do the math per washes~ha!

  5. Thanks for leaving the sweet poem about babies today. I'll save that one for sure. Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!