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I do love watching NFL football.  Pre-season is underway ... time for the rookies to impress the coaches.  I don't get overly excited and pay much attention to the scores during preseason; but wait until the real games get going... when the rookies get benched and the first string players get to give it their all.  Then I get excited over watching the Green Bay Packers play!

There are some new rules in the game this year ... one of them which I'm not too crazy about.  That's the automatic reviewing turnovers via instant replay ... just like the scoring plays are automatically reviewed.  I don't think they should be changing the rules.  I think challenges by the coaches are becoming more and more useless.  Why would they even risk a time out?  The coaches should be able to throw a flag on a booth review.  Just my opinion :)

 If they want to mess with the rules ~ why don't they address the long hair!  It's a huge pet-peeve of mine when you can't read the name on the back of the players uniform.

... with the exception of my pretty boy ~ Clay ... leave him alone.

Quite surprisingly, there are no actual rules against hair pulling in the NFL. The "Ricky Rule" is somewhat the law-of-the-land, where a player's hair that falls past his helmet is considered to be part of the uniform--and can be used to make a tackle. This "rule" was named after Ricky Williams, who sported long dreadlocks throughout most of his professional football career. Although hair pulling isn't "illegal" in the NFL, it is something that's frowned upon--by both the officials, as well as those players with longer hair. Hair pulling within the game is perfectly OK when making a tackle; however, a player can be fined for "unnecessary roughness" if the hair is pulled after the play is over. ~ Andrea Griffith eHow contributor
Now here's a hair do ~
The Kansas City Chiefs Drafted Nose Tackle Dontari Poe

NFL has gone Sci-Fi

Yes ... the fall season is fast approaching.   My busy summer will soon be over ... at least on Sunday afternoons and evenings, Monday nights and right now on Thursdays ~ because it's FOOTBALL SEASON!!!!  You'll find me crashed out on my couch watching the Packers... griping about the rule changes and long hair, and the occasional Sci-Fi freaks out there:), calls by the refs, plays that went wrong, praising long passes, and kicks like I'd make if I was out there. The glorious touch down and seeing that little pigskin glide through the goal post.  Oh yeah ...I can't wait to accomplish my goal of  being a football couch potato pro.

"Honey, get me a beer... or some cheese to go with my whine." 

Until next time ...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. Only time we watch football in our house is when the Superbowl rolls around. Did watch the Olympics, though. ENJOY football season. And have fun.

  2. Funny you should mention foos-ball, we watched last night too and Sy says he doesn't see the sense of Someday he will understand. You do know your football, gotta laugh. Love that last statement~or some cheese to go with my 'whine.' You are a trip, DeeDee.

  3. OK, Thou gets an 'A' for the entry. Great story, we used to be fans, but seldom anymore, mainly because we don't turn on the TV. And another because the REDSKINS and DOLPHINS ain't what they used to be. hahaha, but then who is?

    Go ahead Coach just wondering out loud, can you order Slim around like dat? (Huh uh, U B Jest funnin!)

    Love from the cold and rainy North EAst. (Okay cool not cold!)

  4. Yeah, "Gimme some cheese with my whine!" Loved that comment. Ha. My wife watches more football than I do. I'd rather watch a good western or action flick if I can't find any good preaching. (Hard to find that these days too - except for T.D. Jakes and a few of that genre).

  5. I have a grand daughter in law that lives football. I think she posts at least 2or 3 Ne, Go Big Red photos every day on Facebook. I am not that big on football but I will hole up with the computer. Used to be a good book but don't read much any more because my eyes are not as good anymore. I just looked at a piece of mail we got yesterday. It says "Congrats, share your joy and get 20 free birth announcements." At 82 I think those are a little late. lol.