pickers ~

I think my Dear Hubby and I can be classified as Pickers if ever there was a name for us.  Besides picking each other to spend our days (years) with; we do a lot of picking lately.  Picking beans, picking cucumbers, now tomatoes, apples.  When in season we pick strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, juneberries, blueberries, mushrooms, you name it .. we pick it.

Whatever is ripe, whatever the season, we're out there picking.   If we're not in the garden we're out in the woods.  Picking what trees will be harvested for firewood, what balsam boughs will be picked for making wreaths, picking the best place to put in my hunting stand, picking what lake to go fishing on, picking what species of fish we're going to go after, picking, picking, picking, constantly picking!

No wonder I'm so picky!

Besides being picky ~ we're also very frugal.  Nothing is more irritating than seeing something go to waste.  If it can be up-cycled, recycled, refurbished, renewed, screwed or unscrewed, I guess we find a way to manage that too.

Is this a good trait to have?  Sometimes I have to wonder?  Yesterday I couldn't find my old 100year plus dining room table because it was buried in strips of material - cut from old t-shirts because I'm in the process of making a braided rug for my kitchen.  I love when I accomplish these types of things; but then sometimes wonder why am I doing this!  Just spend the twenty bucks and go buy a new one... but I know I'll love my rug when I'm done :)  ... just as I love my old creaky 100 year old oak table that I salvaged from the old farmstead, from being thrown into the burning pile, when we lived there.

So......... enough of that babble ~

I made a tart.  
It rained and was a little windy earlier and it knocked six apples off the tree.  So I hurried up and scooped them up before the chipmunks or deer got to them.  I like sharing with the critters; but not when I only have a handful of apples on the tree.  The apple harvest this year is way down from prior years because of the late frost we got this spring, killing off so many of the fruit buds.
 Dear Hubby and I took a ride  ~ looking for ~ you guessed it ~ more berries!

  As you can see by the map ~ we are surrounded by public forest land - lots of places to go berry picking.  Here's a more detailed view of where we went ... off to the Million Acre Swamp ... which is out our back door.  The big circle is the Million Acre Swamp area, the red dot is where we live.

I feel like Winnie The Pooh and Tigger off to visit the Million Acres Swamp when we go on our Great Adventures into the big woods. 

The berry picking is about finished for the year.  We didn't find anything worth wasting our time over.  What we did find though were some interesting osprey nest, about a half mile apart from each other,  on top of some power line poles.  One had a hawk sitting on the edge of it ... I imagine looking for prey.
I really don't care if we find what we originally set off to find on these types of outings.  I just enjoy spending time out there with Dear Hubby. 

Until next time ....
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. Adventures are always fun! Enjoy!

  2. And the meek shall inherit the earth. I can't wait to see your rug. I think that is wonderful, use and re-use, our landfills are way too full.
    Have a fantastic weekend pickin' stuff!!!

  3. You guys make me tired. I cannot believe y'all. Sounds like my home when I was a kid. Mama was always making, canning, cooking etc. I do so admire you up in the North Woods, Knowing that in the dead of winter you all will be snug as a bug in a rug with all the results of the 'PICKING' you will be grinning.

    Love you 'Cutie' as my girl calls you!!!!

  4. LOVE that Pickers show on TV. Sounds like you guys could give them a run for the money with the type of picking you do. cause you get to eat your finds. LOL That osprey nest was pretty neat. I think a 100 year old table is something to be celebrated. bet the rug is gorgeous. take care. ENJOY life.

  5. I love this post.. That is the way I 'wished' I lived... Being 'pickers' and being frugal is the way God wants us all to live... I try --but don't have the resources that you have...

    When are you all headed back to Texas? We'd love to meet you in Arkansas sometime..


  6. Mel - hello - love that you are a picker there - hippies and pickers. You sound like you keep busy and that pie was delicious. Would you email me so that I can have your address to comment too?
    Mine is skcz at comcast dot net


  7. I think being a "picker" is great.

  8. So you forgot to mention that when you were a little girl you were a nose picker and scab picker! JUST KIDDING little Sis! lol
    Gotta love this time of year and all the goodies we're putting up for the coming winter.
    'love & hugs from afar'

  9. What an adventurous and interesting life you have. It's a life-style I would have picked for myself - save for the heavy work that it calls forth! Your creativeness does not end with the picking, but goes to the pecking of the keys on the computer's keyboard. ☺ Nice reading about your life.

  10. I think it's so cool that ou are making the rug! And that tart looks delish!