back on the gridline ~

I'm back ~ I know ... I've been MIA and off the radar for awhile here on the blog.

Dear Hubby and I were off exploring some little lakes in northern Minnesota ~ braving the cold winds (it was only in the 40's) trying to catch our limit of pan fish ... 

... which we achieved ~

Nothing yummier than fresh fried bluegills :)

We even said a prayer in the boat ~ out on the lake, by this little church ~

~ while watching this eagle ...

... and trying to keep an eye on this green heron.

Do you see it?

ZOOOOMING IN - How about now?

Here it is ... walking out on the branch for a better photo op ~

We roughed it for a few days in Minnesota ~ it was cold, rainy and windy.  I think the sun only came out twice and for about 20 minutes each time.  

We decided to take a trip further south to visit our daughter.  We made the four hour drive back home, dropped the boat off, did some quick laundry and caught a few hours of sleep and we headed for Indiana.

But ... we didn't get far.  About four hours into the trip south, just north of the town of Portage, WI we ended up here:

~ yeppers ... that says Collision Center on the sign.  

We had a run in with a deer and our new truck with 2700 miles on it now looks like this:

We weren't hurt; (with the exception of my ear getting slapped really REALLY hard by the seat belt).   Dear Hubby's not a happy camper... me either.  

Now we wait for repairs.

We never did make it to Indiana ~ sorry Sara :(
but here's a pic of what the weather was by her ~

I don't know ... with our luck maybe it was best that we didn't make it there this time around.  Just saying.

Until next time ...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. Glad the only thing hurt was the car.

  2. I have to agree with you and the catch. What a great catch of fish, and the perch family is hard to beat, I think the bluegill is in there if not they are close.
    Some good shots of course, you always manage to get some goodies.
    I know slim like the wild meat, but there are better ways to hunt!
    WOW, I hate that, and only 2700 miles on it. I know Sara hated it too.
    But that sky is one mean looking one.
    ((HUGS)) Glad you guys weren't hurt.

  3. Sorry about your truck. Maybe the fish fry will cheer you two up. Nice to hear from you and so glad yor weren't hurt. Guess the slap on the ear was bad enough.

  4. Ahhhh ... sorry about the truck. But we are told that all things work together for good whether we SEE it or not. So we will trust that the Lord arrested your journey with excellent reason. Hopefully soon you'll be able to catch up with Sara.

  5. Those are really nice fish. Glad that you two weren't hurt bad because of the wreck. Maybe you were not supposed to head into bad weather by going to see your daughter.

  6. Mom, glad that you and Dad had a good time in MN and were able to get some nice panfish. Don and I were looking forward to some fresh fish while you were here, but sorry that you had the run in with the deer. We are just glad that neither of you were hurt and hopefully next time the trip will be a lot better.
    I'm kind of glad that Dad wasn't here, he would have been complaining about the weather the whole time. It turned so hot and humid everyday that you would have been here and the day you were suppose to leave is when we had the tornado weather. I'm glad you didn't have to travel in that.
    Love you and hopefully we will see you in July.

  7. nice catch but so sorry bout the truck, but happy you two weren't hurt. Any word on that Ford yet?
    Nasty looking sky Sara and Don happy they, too,
    were Happier trails next time.

  8. Great pictures but I am so sorry to see the truck in such shape. Glad you weren't hurt. My son id a body man and he said many deer strikes can not repaired and when it is repaired it is a constant battle with the insurance people. Nice fish.

  9. You have had an adventure!!! The fish look fantastic, but don't know as I'd be out in a boat in that cold weather! Maybe 30 years ago!!! Nice shots, even of the sad looking truck!