blooms gnomes and a coon ~

It's not the best photo - taken through the deck door; but look who was up by the bird feeder last night raiding seeds ~ the little bandit faced thief !

I thought for sure last evening we were in for a doozie of a storm with clouds like this rolling through ~ but we only got a few minutes of pea sized hail, some rain, a bit of wind for a few minutes and it blew on by.

I grabbed my camera and headed out for some nice wet bloom shots ~ something about the rain and making everything look so clean.

 ~ the hostas sure perked up with the refreshing drink of water ...

All around my yard the wild flowers in the woods are blooming:

A quick check to see if the gnomes survived the hail storm -

All is well in the land of fairies and gnomes, frogs and trolls ...

I was going to get my fish outside today into the Black Lagoon - the rubbermaid tub sunk in the ground at the bottom of the waterfalls to the left of the steps...
~ this photo is from a few years back ~

...but I think I'll wait a few days until we can live trap that raccoon.

Until next time ...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. such a beautiful fairy home!!!! Beautiful photos, hope you catch your raccoon!

  2. Hope you get that bandit. Glad the gnome house remained intact.

  3. Okay Sis, spill your guts - WHERE DID YOU FIND SUCH TINY GNOMES???
    Cute, cute, cute fairy gardens.
    'love & hugs from afar'

  4. Hey sweet Thang! Love the pictures but for some reason I go for the Gnomes. Mean looking clouds like we ran into in Atlanta today. Mus be catching!
    I always enjoy this visit. Hugs to you and the Slim one and hope the truck is doing better!

  5. So, how many mosquito bites did you get taking those beautiful 'woodsy' blooms? Love your garden flowers, I have that same little bunny, only mine is brown!! Enjoy these warm, non humid days!!!

  6. I would give my eye teeth (sorry but mine are not real) to have all of those wild flowers. Love your garden of flowers. That was a nasty looking cloud. There have been so many lately it just doesn't make me happy when I see them. Your blog is beautiful.

  7. Hey, we have two coon raiding our feeders too...them varmints!!!
    Phew...that is a nasty looking sky...we only were overcast and didn't get a drop yesterday.
    Wow, your hostas look great~and of course, that fairy/gnome garden is my fav. I'm hoping Bill will bring me over after this last field is in.
    Maybe on Mom's birthday...
    Good call on catching coon before planting your goldies in the pond.

  8. Love your imagination. Your yard is delightful.

  9. You've created a regular fairyland. You have a delightful talent for bringing out the enchantment in your decor and crafting.
    Thar cloud sure is spooky looking. I'm glad it left because it looked like it could've twisted into a disaster. ~shudder~
    I like your raccoon photo, it makes him look mystical. ;) I hope you can catch and release him.

    Hey, you mentioned fish. Do you take them inside for the winter? and then put them in the pond after the weather breaks?

    Wishing you a cheerful day.

  10. you sisses are doing yard walk-abouts lately. :)

    glad you were safe from the storm - what a sky! liked the raccoon shot! very artsy!

  11. I love this! I love how hostas just funnel that water right down to themselves and the little fairy village is wonderful

  12. "land of fairies and gnomes, frogs and trolls ..."

    Ahhhhh, you have whimsey too!!! :-)