snapper ~

Late this afternoon the humidity finally let up some.  I decided to go out and pull some quack grass out of the flower beds and to get the Black Lagoon area cleaned up.  I am so far behind on my gardening, it's embarrassing.  I still didn't get my fish moved from the aquarium in the house out to the Black Lagoon because I need to get it cleaned first and redo the waterfalls.

Any hooooooooooo.... 

I get out there and start pulling weeds and look up to see something looking at me.

It's a snapping turtle ... and a pretty good sized one too.  

Now Paula may be the Turtle Whisperer; but I'll have to take the crown for being the Turtle Chaser :)

I did not want this turtle in my yard ... or taking up residency in the fish pond.  I get mud turtles or little painted turtles in there - which is bad enough.  I don't plan on feeding my goldfish and koi to this big momma.

She kept walking around ~ but would not be scared off.  I don't know if you're familiar with snapping turtles; but they are not cute and they are NOT friendly!  One bite of their powerful jaws and you could lose a hand or foot.  Seriously.

She was on a mission.  She started digging a hole in the driveway to make a place to lay her eggs.

Did you notice the leech that was attached to her shell right above her tail?  Gross.

She's out on the driveway; but still too close for my liking.

I went into the house for a bit because the mosquitoes were getting pretty bad.  It doesn't look like I'm going to get much weeding done today.

I sprayed down with some bug spray and came back out about 10 minutes later.

She was already done laying her eggs and had them covered with dirt ... BUT where did she go?  I hope she's not in the fish pond.

Oh great ... there she is on the patio ~ heading straight for it!

Not on my watch you ugly turtle ...

... that's right ~ turn yourself around and keep on walking.  You and that leech you're toting around on your back aren't welcomed at the Black Lagoon. 

Keep walkin' ... and don't give me no attitude either!

Gotta go!  I hear something outside on the deck ... I think that raccoon is back!! Never a dull moment around here :)

Until next time ...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. That thing looks downright prehistoric! Good luck... and wear shoes, you don't want to lose a toe, or foot!

  2. I would say it's cute but to be honest it's really not. You won't be able to monitor it's every move, so I bet it ends up where you do not want it to be. And babies too.

  3. Humm we don't have this type at our stock tank. Our turtles are nice boys and girls. I had thought of training them to let me pet them but after I read they can carry disease I thought better of that since my immune system is not good because of a blood condition. Hope you get rid of that pest in your pretty lagoon.

  4. when i catch them on land, i use a shovel and stick to scoot them into a big plastic tub, then drive them about 1/2 mile down the country road and take them to a pond in the cattle pasture, there. :)

  5. Hey, Mel! Make some good eatin', or so I hear! Be careful out there with all those wild critters.

  6. I am laughing as I follow you and the turtle around. Not funny I know but from our stand point it makes a great blog entry. I see you even resurrected Fred. You gals had his undivided attention, with your critters of the North.
    ((HUGS)) from HOT San Antonio!
    Sherry, jack & the boys

  7. Lol. Picturing you chase the big turtle-bugger. She IS a big 'un. And you're right, snappers are dangerous. I like to look at them from a distance...

  8. Adventures sure do come your way.

  9. Bill knows how they cannot let go once they chomp down...not pretty.
    Ask the stick.
    I'll bet the coons have turtle eggs for a snack.
    ah ha, ah ha!

  10. You have some critters for sure. Thanks for visiting my blog, it is nice to meet you. Also I liked the suncatchers, will start looking for a toaster oven so I can copy. Isn't pinterest wonderful. See you again soon.

  11. My grandmother used to cook them. I'm not so keen on wanting to eat a turtle but I do like a good turtle soup if someone else cooks it.