night time visitors ~

As I was making my post yesterday ~ at the end I had mentioned that I heard something out on the deck, suspecting the raccoon to be back.  I flipped on the outside lights and what should I see looking back at me ~ not one coon but two.

The photo is a bit distorted, as I shot it through the glass deck door.  I decided to open the door and try to get off a better shot; hoping not to scare the baby raccoons.

Yes ~ this is better:

Then I heard a growl and a snarl to my right ~ quick swing that direction with the camera ... it's Momma.

Oh no ... she's not too happy.  She's really snarling and hissing at me ~ I better back off a bit.

I'm standing by the deck door about 10 feet away and I put the camera on wide angle - I want to be able to keep an eye on Momma Coon when I notice on the center deck post ~ behind the grill there's another baby.

Then I hear a cry to my left ...

... there's another one!  There are four babies on the deck and Momma makes five!

Okay ... now I really need to back off some.  Momma just charged at me ~ that's her darting away in front of the grill.

I certainly don't need a ticked off coon gnawing on my leg in the middle of the night when I'm home alone.  How would I ever explain that to Dear Hubby in the morning when he gets home from work?  "Mel, why do you have a raccoon wrapped around your leg?"  "Geeze Slim, how do you know it's a coon?  Maybe I just haven't shaved for awhile."

And they're off.  

Like I said before, "never a dull moment around here."  AND ... I don't think I'm going to be in too much of a hurry to put my fish outside this year.

Until next time ...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. Oh my but photographers must be nimble on their feet.

  2. Raccoons can be real nasty. They tore up a puppy a friend had. Glad you did not get bitten.

  3. Masked visitors, 5 no less. You guys sure get a close and personal look at the WILDlife. Good shots by the way.

    I noticed the LP tank. Down in Florida we have to keep a look out forth masked guys there biting into the hose. (actually both the water and LP.) But I know you all have more experience in one year than I gain most of my life.
    Y'all take care.
    Love and ((HUGS))
    Jack Sherry and the boys in San Antonio

  4. now thats some great photography!!!

  5. Holy cow, the amount of wildlife you have is amazing!

  6. YIKES!!!!!!!!!!!

    And thank you for stopping by my blog, and leaving a comment.

    And thank you for saying; "Fairy land and pixie dust, ruffles and lace ~ take me away." :-) We think alike! :-)


  7. They are so cute and right there on your deck.

  8. We quit feeding the birds for a while again cuz of the coons, they must have moved least we can hope. Cute? only til they start to destroy...I'll bet slimmer can't wait for fall...not far to travel, ya git my drift...
    ah ha, ah ha!

  9. Nothing cuter or more trouble than baby coons. Good luck with that. Glad momma didn't get you.

  10. Oh heavens, what you don't encounter. I'd have been scared to death. But I know, gotta get that photo. Might think about thinning out the coon population.

  11. I used to have a mama that would bring her babies by intentionally. I've never had them become upset if you just hold still and actually speak to them, softly. She would have her babies come up to our porch and knew I might just have some vanilla sandwich cookies that would be tossed in their direction. They would open them, lick out the cream, then finally go back and eat the cookies. Just like kids!