bear with me ~

I was standing at the kitchen sink doing dishes after supper.  I just happened to look up and glanced out the window to see this little fella coming across the yard.  We noticed it had quite a limp; but really didn't seem too bothered by it.

My apologies for some  the reflections in the windows and off the screens on these shots.  Our house is built on a hill so the back side of it is actually a half story higher than ground level vs. ground level ... that's why I'm looking down at the bear and not straight out the window.

Anyways ~

~ when it turned and stopped we noticed it was missing it's hind left foot and part of it's leg.  I wonder if had been hit by a car when it was younger?  Or possibly lost it in a fight with a larger bear?
It sat by the bottom of the deck steps for quite awhile.  I was snapping off pictures of it; but kept getting bad reflections from the screen and window panes. Darn auto focus.  I considered myself lucky getting the shots I did.

Then it walked off and I decided to go to the deck door ~ open it and see if I could get some better pictures.

Nope ... that wasn't going to happen ... he was on his way up.

Again... my impatience got the better of me.  If I only would have waited a few micro seconds longer I probably could have gotten a nice clear picture ~ but I snapped the camera ... my flash went off ... and so did the bear.

Needless to say ... there are no more bird feeders left out at night AND the fish are still in the aquarium in the house.

Until next time ...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. Great shots, reflections and all. Very possible mister bear had his foot caught in a trappers trap, unfortunately.

  2. RE:MaryAnn
    The odds of it being caught in a trappers trap are pretty slim. Large bear traps are illegal in Wisconsin. Also, foot hold traps that are large enough to hold a coyote or beaver are too small and not strong enough to hold a bear. Those big bear traps that you see displayed wide open (by law) are required to be welded and non-operable. Also, the season when legal traps are set is during their hibernation period.

  3. Great shots, no matter what. I even see him on your deck through the door windows.
    Also, Mel, great explanation of the traps, etc. You and Slim are very knowledgeable with trappers rules and I'm proud to know that you also ALWAYS Follow the rules. Slim is a very good instructor in the fall for all who want to trap...glad he still does the education part for the law makers of WI.
    Proud SIS and SIL

  4. great photos, he has done well to live without the leg, probably was caught in a trap, poor thing, good idea to bring the feeders in, when we were in the house I took the left over seed and dumped it on the bush for the bears to finish every summer,

  5. Very cool bear pics, he looks to be a pretty decent sized bear. My guess is somewhere around the 250+ lbs judging by the size of him next to the railing on the deck. I hope we get to see some of the wildlife next week when we come up, I miss the country! Love ya!


  6. POOR thing. Apparently has managed to overcome the handicap.

  7. Wow I can't imagine living where a bear could just walk up in the yard. Exciting for sure.

  8. Those are some good photos. Aren't you thankful you had the glass between you two? I would be. We just had one incident with Mr. bear this year. Hopefully it stays that way!!

  9. I am always amazed at the shots you get of wild life around your house. You always come up with the UNIQUE!
    Love it and the narrative.
    I am frustrated at the slow service here in Del Rio.

    Amazing how impatient I am.(smile)

  10. Thanks for the trap info. Slim is the only real Trapper I have know, and I count that a privilege. (hope to see him again).

  11. Cool pictures ... but another second would have been GREAT pictures! lol
    'love & hugs from afar'

  12. I hope I don't see any of these coming up to my place, there seems to be a sign somewhere in the woods that directs every raccoon, opossum, skunk and other stray mammals to my door. We know the black bears are around here but haven't seen any yet although the highway department and conservation departments come across them from time to time.