about time ~

All I can say is IT'S ABOUT TIME spring came to northern Wisconsin!!

It's hard to believe that this was only a week ago - after our last run in with Mother Nature ... look at that scowl on the old truck.  The way the snow was piled up on the hood it looks ornery!

The poor little junco's found their way north again ... only to get snowed on.  When Dear Hubby was shoveling the sidewalk he pushed it back beyond the edges and they were all over scratching and digging in the grass.

A row of Junco's  

Now ... a week later ~ and some warmer weather ... I can FINALLY see my lawn.  Happy dance... happy dance.

I needed a spring time project ... besides house cleaning.  I can't get into the flower beds yet or even rake the lawn; as it's too wet.  So............

I'm making giant pileated woodpeckers out of plywood to hang up high in the trees.  Here's my inspiration:

I told the girls I was making two for myself and they both wanted one.  Then I decided to make one for Mom to hang over at the farm ... and  I figured I better make a couple extras right away while I had the time and paints out.

One side is painted and propped up to dry in front of the fan.  Hopefully, tonight I can flip them over and get the other side painted.  These little buggers are taking some time as I have to double coat them and can only do one color at a time.  They stand about 3 1/2 feet tall.

A row of woodpeckers.

Other than that ... not much going on around here.

Until next time ...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. Love the pretty woodpeckers. What a great idea.

  2. Hi Mel - So glad you can see the ground now. Everyone has had a hard winter but we've been in Spring for several weeks now. Thank goodness. I love your woodpeckers. They are darling! I am new to your blog and your newest follower.


  3. Maybe it won't be much longer for the snow to completely disappear, and everything drys up. I like your woodpecker project.

  4. Girl, you sure whipped those Woodies out in a hurry and they look great. I ran to look at mine and he looks pretty sad with his paint peeling away. I think I better give him a day at the shop spa. lol
    Love the Junco's in a Row, too!
    Your truck does look ornery :/

  5. Wow- Those are some big woodpeckers! What a fun project though. You will be in the woodpecker making business before you know what hit you.

    I think the last of our snow is melting today...and it's about time. I can even see bits of green here and there on our lawn. I think Winter has left us---I hope so- xo Diana

  6. So are you going to deliver my woodpecker or do I have to pick him up? I'm thinking you need to deliver it so I can take you and Dad to the ice cream shop 2 blocks away!!! Love you and miss you.

  7. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am
    Happy to be a new follower. Love your sense of humor. Our snow left now we have wind and rain.

  8. I like the woodpeckers. Glad it is warming up for you also.

  9. Yes, I see the scowl! Love the woodpeckers - good job!

  10. You are clever (and talented) indeed. Love the woodpeckers!

  11. ~Happy Dance~
    I'm so happy Spring is finally arrived in your area.
    I love the woodpeckers.
    You are a super multi-talented lady.

  12. Here I made two Minnie Mouses and thought I was cool! You are one go - getter lady from the North Country. I am glad things are looking better for you all!

    Sorry I am late.......

  13. Wow, haven't been up to my cabin in awhile, good know that it is getting warmer, and the woodpeckers are very pretty.