yes ~

I've been getting a few phone calls from people who have summer cabins up in my neck of the woods.  They all ask the same thing.  "Do you still have snow up there?"  The answer is YES!!! And NO you can not get into your place yet, unless you plan on coming with a four wheel drive truck with a plow attached to it.

Here's how much I still have in my yard.

That snowbank behind the deer is about 10 feet high!  It'll probably still be there in June!!

It is melting by the driveway and the sidewalk is finally cleared off.  Also around the base of some of the trees it has melted off; but the majority of it is still here.

We need a good rain and some more sunny days before this is gone.

Last fall the snow came upon us so quickly I didn't have time to take the pumpkins out of the planters, which I had sitting in there for decoration beside the door.  I did carry a couple of them down to the deer ... but they were so mushy from being frozen and were still covered with a lot of snow that I decided to put that little chore off to another day.

Chubby couldn't wait any longer for me to take them to him ...

... he came up to the house and helped himself.

While Chubby was up here munching on mushy pumpkins ... this bugger was pruning my arbor vitae tree.  

Slim said it won't be long and I'll be complaining about the critters eating my flowers!  He's right too.  Once I stop feeding them in the yard they'll be off to the woods again for the summer months.  I'll miss the daily visits.  But until the snow is gone ... they still have free roam without me complaining.

Until next time ...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. I thoroughly enjoy seeing your snow and wildlife photos and wouldn't even mind seeing them through a window, in the midst of snow, temporarily. The thought of living with it daily, much less trying to drive in that stuff makes me wonder how in the world people do it!

    Thank you for your vent comment! It's always nice to know you're not the only one!

  2. Like your porch, bet you will be glad when you can sit out there.

  3. Mel ~ thank goodness you are patient .
    WOW I thought we had been patient this year ~
    but you get the award.
    Sending warm wishes ,

  4. WOW, I know I would already have been full of snow cream and not want to see anymore...
    Love your critter pictures, along with the dialog. They do appreciate the food I am sure. Rough to forage in that much snow...

    Love from SouthCarolina...

  5. We still have snow, too, but not as much as you do, Mel. GREAT pictures of your property and deer. I, for one, will be glad to see some green grass and flowers this year. xo Diana

  6. LOVE the deer. Just something about them. So sweet. Unfortunately they can be destructive too.

  7. Love seeing the deer, but would probably get frustrated pretty quickly if they ate my trees and flowers. Hope your snow leaves sooner than June!

  8. beautiful shots!! Still lots here too! Snow I mean, lots!

  9. I enjoyed your deer photos, but am very glad that I'm not looking at any 10-foot snow drifts at my place. It's supposed to hit 70 degrees here today and almost 80 tomorrow! Ahhhh!

  10. The best part about your winters is your wildlife. They are wonderful and a joy to see your photos of.
    I'm sending you warm thawing thoughts.
    It seems unreal that you all are still snowed under. Take care and stay warm. :)

  11. I'm sure you've been enjoying the sunshine we've been having and the slow meltdown. We actually can see patches of field again...and our first two deer found the apple trees and have been pruning. Less I have to do.

  12. If Chubby and friends keep helping themselves to your trees and plants they are gonna have to go!!!
    My so called lilies that I was telling you about are not lilies. I'm thinking that they are daffodils now that they popped up a bit more. The ones closest to the house are starting to form buds so I will have to keep an eye on them the next few days.
    I hope the sun keeps shining up there, I know your looking forward to getting in the garden and flower beds again ... and I'm looking forward to your beautiful pics of them!

    Love ya and miss ya!
    Your favorite child

  13. pesky but so beautiful! :) hope the melting gets going!

  14. Hi Mel! Thx for coming by my blog. I had thought of ending my blogging, but now YOU have inspired me not to! I want to try more sewing projects and hope you will too! So jealous of your deer, and the lovely porch!!!!! You can keep the snow tho!!! Lol.
    Best wishes-

  15. It snowed here yesterday morning ~ argh!!! I am so looking forward for spring to actually come in realty, not just on the calendar.
    'love & hugs from afar'