GrandLoves ~

Our beautiful GrandLoves ~

Amanda ~ Blake ~ Bailey ~ Brooke
April 6, 2014

Yesterday we celebrated!  It was the baptism of our precious 2 week old granddaughter Blake.

What a joy to have these girls in our lives ... We are Blessed!

I love being a Grandma!!! As much as Slim loves being a Grandpa!!!

Until next time ...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. Beautiful grandloves you have there. Spell check doesn't approve of that word. Phooey on them!

  2. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful grands. Blessings to your newly baptized little Blake! xo Diana

  3. I'm sorry that we couldn't be there.The picture looks great miss you guy's.

  4. Gorgeous. Sweet and cute, just like Grandma.
    There is so much pride in the Grands. I will never understand the reasoning, but they just seem to tug at your heartstrings. Oh yes you guys have plenty to be proud of.

    Blake is precious... Beautiful like the rest, just newer!!!

    Love ya!

  5. Truly you are blessed. Your Grandloves are precious and beautiful.
    They too are blessed by having you for a Grandma.
    Thanks for sharing this special day with us.

  6. I'm so proud to be the Aunt to these Beauties!!! I love them all with all my heart and miss them terribly.

  7. Grandparenthood is the payoff for going through raising kids! Sorry I couldn't make it but ther was no way I wanted to share this awful cold. Will get gift to sweet Blake someday!
    'love & hugs from afar'

  8. Beautiful photos of beautiful girls! You are truly blessed.

  9. You have beautiful granddaughters. The newest addition is just precious. I'm glad they live close enough for you to see them often!!

  10. You have a BEAUTIFUL family. ENJOY!

  11. Your girls are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing your photos.

  12. Your girls are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing your photos.

  13. You sure do have a beautiful 4some of Grandloves, Mel, and I'm so proud to be their Aunt. They are precious...I love how tenderly Bailey is holding the bottom of her baby sister's foot...true love.
    Blake is sure a precious beauty.