btbw ~

I have a new bird coming to my feeder.  It really likes the grape jelly that I have out for the baltimore orioles.

It's a Black-Throated Blue Warbler.  Their range is southern Canada and across to Maine; but occasionally into the Great Lakes Region.  This is the first that I've seen them here in my neck of the woods.

 You can really see how it comes by it's name from this picture.  Black Throated Blue Warbler (BTBW)

I also had this little chipmunk stuffing seeds into it's cheeks.  It was fun to watch.

Just ONE MORE SEED! I know it'll fit ~

I know ... photo overload again ~ but aren't they pretty?

 Mr. and Mrs. Ruby-Throated Hummingbird
... both taking turns sitting on the same branch ...

Mr. and Mrs. American Goldfinch ... same branches too.  It must be the posing branch today :)
Fly in and get your picture taken!

Until next time ...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. Nat'l Geo. stuff. Great pictures. Me thinks the Blue throated dude is a crook with the mask!
    Thanks for the beauty and color.
    Love from NC>

  2. Laughing @ Mr. Chipmunk and admiring the beautiful birds.

  3. Lovin the new addition to the feeder, he's rather pretty. Chippy cracks me up with those puffy cheeks. The real question is, does he eat everything he takes???
    BTW how did Dad and Sam do fishing?
    Love and miss ya!

  4. He's a cutie, the BTBW !!!
    I hope his kin shows up at my place. I have chokecherry jelly and oranges out for the orioles. The hummers are busy here as well and a chipmunk. Your lil chippy sure has his cheeks full. lol Today I walked right up to a Red (Pine) Squirrel...he must have noticed I didn't have the camera in my hands. I got within 6 inches of him.

  5. What sweet birds. LOVE that chippy. Too cute.

  6. Wow I haven't seen the BTBW at my cabin, I hope to see one!