critters ~

I have so many critters around ~ and I love it!  I guess that would be one of my biggest perks of living where I do ... out in the sticks in the middle of critter land:)

Sometimes I feel like Ellie Mae Clampett!!  There is always something to see looking out my window.

Sorry for the photo overload.

Until next time ...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. Amazing, and I must hunt my critters on the net. I gotta tell you the two coons looking from behind the pole yanked my chain the mostest.

    That is going by first impressions, looking back they all are beautiful.

    Got to take the chicken off the burner.

    Love yo lady!
    GOOD 'UN

  2. Nice Mel. You do live in wonder world. So what's that first squirrel gnawin' on? I had a Baltimore Oriole too today, along with the Rose-breasted Grosbeaks and a million Goldfinches. LOVE IT!
    I love the way you framed the Swallowtail. Good stuff.

  3. You have a wonderful view. LOVE all the critters. Each is charming in their own way.

  4. WOW! Love those critters, and all would be most welcome to visit my patch of turf -- except the bear, please!

  5. You had me confused for a moment, when I looked at the last pic I thought it was a turtle outside the porch window trying to get your plant. Then I realized that it was the bears ear lol. Guess thats what I get when I'm lookin at your blog from my phone instead of the computer. Great pics as always, and if you are trying to make me miss home, it's working! Love & miss ya!

  6. Love all the critters! I have seen a bluebird here a couple of times but by the time I get my camera he is gone. Take care, Sheila

  7. I could do without the bear but the raccoons are adorable!