songbirds ~

I'm at it again ... painting birds.  This time it's songbirds.  They're a bit smaller than the giant woodpeckers ~ but still larger than life.  These will be put on to a dowel rod and then you'll be able to stick them into a flower pot or into your garden or placed wherever you please around the yard.  I only have 13 of them showing on this picture; but I plan on cutting out and painting at least another 3 dozen or so.  

I think I'm going to have to make some more woodpeckers too because I've been getting a few calls for them :) The ones I've made are all spoken for already and I haven't even taken them to a craft show yet.

Night before last ... I was heading out to the outdoor wood stove to fire up for the night and I saw a pair of eyes looking at me from the corner of the building.  I cautiously continued and I heard a big thump in the lean-to that's connected to the back of our garage ... where we have the smokehouse set up.

Next morning ... look what I see ... inside the lean-to ...
a bear print in the sand.

It's not the clearest of pictures here; but you can see the heel mark and the pad print along along with some toe pad imprints of it.  By the heel print alone you can tell it's a heavy bear by how much it sunk into the sand.

I keep telling Dear Hubby we NEED a light out there on that corner of the yard.  As it is right now we have to walk in the dark until we get inside the wood shed to turn on a light.  We can turn on the garage light; but there is still a good 20 feet or so of walking in darkness to get to the shed.

Oh the joys and thrills of living the way we do!

Until next time ...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. Oh gosh that's scary- get a bright light!!

  2. Those woodpeckers are really cool. Do you do the watermellon fest in Eagle River? Are there any good craft/antique shows up by you? I think I am going to try St. Germain this year - maybe even Elkhorn. We'll see. Birds look great too.

  3. Lovin' the birds, especially the cardinal, I have a lot of them around here along with house sparrows. I also had a pilated woodpecker in my yard the other day. He was diggin in the stump down by the creek.
    Dad really needs to put another light in by the wood shed, we have been telling him that for yearssss!!! This time of year is always the worst with the bear coming out of hibernation and being hungry. If I was a bear I would come check out Dad's smoker also cuz it smells amazing. I remember many a night walking across the yard at night and having eyes glowing at me ... sends a chill up the spine and puts a spark in your step. It's just a matter of time before your gonna find yourself face to face with momma and some cubs and its not gonna turn out pretty. I insist on the light and tell Dad "I Said So!" Love ya and miss ya!

  4. Well aren't you just the busy bee! Pretty cool that you already sold out on your peckers! Love'n the songbirds too. Be careful and use a flashlight until you get a yard light in that space.
    'love & hugs from afar'

  5. Listen to your daughter now or tell your hubby to. That sounds scary. Your birds are pretty. If I put one more thing in my yard my neighbor, my yard man would kill me.

  6. Love the entry. 'Cept playing hiding seek with a bear.
    You have such a talent for the wild things, maybe because you are one of 'em W"I"LD THANGS.

    For years I have used Radio Shacks remote lights for my public chalk drawings. I think they are called plug and power. Youcan set up any lamp or light an turn it on remotely. We do that every year with our Christmas trees and decorations remotes turn it on and off using a signal over the power lines.
    Or 'SPLAIN to slim you ain't rassling no BEAR but him!

  7. Scary about the bear being so close. LOVING those birds. Perfect for the garden.

  8. Mercy! A strong, bright light is definitely called for; one that can be turned on from inside the house, or is a motion detector.

  9. Lovely birds .
    Oh ya I wouldn't want to walk in the dark and bump into a big ole bear , get that path lit up for sure.

  10. i love your painted birds! be careful out there! maybe you need a MOTION detector light!