flowin' ~

We got a little rain last night ~ around 5 inches and the Flambeau River is full from bank to bank and is over flowing.

Here's a few snapshots from Crowley Dam ...

No fishing from the banks down there.  Normally there is at least 20 feet of shoreline to fish from.  Now you can't even get down to the bottom step of the staircase going down.

Pixley Dam too ... the gates are wide open and the water is coming through.

Pixley Creek ~

Mom's driveway ... looks like my brother has a little grading to do.

The south fork of the Flambeau River in Fifield is just as bad.  Here's some snapshots from Movrich Park.

This is what it normally looks like:

~ the swimming hole ~

Oh well ... that's Mother Nature at her finest.  We had all that snow and it had to go.

Until next time ...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. Wow that's a lot of water flowing though. You should take a ride out to Staci and Paul's and check the dam on the flowage or their driveway. I noticed on the pic at Crowley that the cement wall below the gates is under water. We use to stand on that and go musky fishing with Dad. I agree Eric is gonna have some grading to do on the driveway. Hope all this rain washes away the last of the snow.
    Love ya & miss ya!

  2. I've never seen so much water. It's a shame about that house being flooded. I guess the bad winter snow had to go somewhere.

  3. Seems there is either too much or not enough when it comes to weather. Hope you have a great weekend! Sheila

  4. Wow- that's a lot of water! I hope it runs off quickly with little damage.

  5. We drove past the little red house and the park this morning on our way to Bill's appt. and wow, what a lot of overflow. The firetrucks, ambulance, a couple dump trucks full of sand and rock were on the cut-across in front of the house. I wonder what Staci's creek is doing?
    The Murray by the cabin flows like a river rather than gentle rapids and our power was out for several could've been worse.

  6. The snow melted off slowly and politely- this mess is a direct result of the ridiculous rainfall last night! Our pump had slowed down in our basement. It is working overtime today. And so it goes, right? Stay dry everyone

  7. I know what you mean, was just at Crowley dam, water was pouring over the billow, below the gates, thanks for showing the photos.

  8. Mercy me! That's a lot of water. Stay dry!

  9. Wow! You all sure got some rain! Think we only got about half that amount and it was PLENTY. Hope you get dried out soon.