pleasant surprise ~

I love surprises ~ don't you?

As many of you know ... We (Dear Hubby and I) are new to the field of mycology aka. mushroom growing.  We attended a presentation about it and did some reading and dug right in and planted up some spawn.

We started a wood chip bed with Wine Caps ~ here's a pic from last fall...

... we were very happy with the outcome ~ getting several really nice harvest.  Our concern though was how things would be this spring after such a long, hard and bitter cold winter.

I did a little walk about today and checked things out.  What a pleasant surprise to see this:

It may look like mold to you BUT it isn't.  It's beautiful mycelium ~ the beginning structure of growth for new mushrooms.  And the wood chip bed is full of it!

Then I wandered down to check out the Double Jewel and Miss Happiness Shiitake mushrooms we have innoculated logs with:

No pinning yet.  Pinning is what they call it when the baby mushrooms start to show.  I really didn't expect to see anything yet as we just started to have spring weather here.

In fact, I still have SNIRT in the yard.  Snirt is a mix of snow and dirt.  Here's what's left ... my 10 foot high snow bank is down to this:

Hopefully, after tonight's rains that will be gone tomorrow.

Continue my walk ... look at my wooden mushrooms and the pretty patina of moss and lichen they're grown:

Onward to the Pohu and Blue Dolphin Oyster mushrooms we started on the totem poles.

What a pleasant surprise again ...

They're covered with mycelium and they're pinning!  I love babies!!!!

 I saved my BEST PLEASANT SURPRISE for last ....

My beautiful little Grandlove Blake who is 6 1/2 weeks old wanted to say HI!

Isn't she a doll!  I think she takes after me :)  LOL

Until next time ...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. Oh my Blake is adorable. So glad your snow has been melting away.

  2. Fascinating about the mushrooms ~ I am loving it !
    Your gran baby adorable ~ my first grand due in July :)

  3. Blake is getting so big already and I'm missing it!!!! Brought a tear to my eye when I saw this pic. You need to send me some pics of her please.
    Your mushrooms are coming along nicely. Leave it to you to get excited about mold! Lol. Please send me some pics, if I wait for Staci to send them to me she will be in school before I get them. Love you and miss you!

  4. Wow, look how Blake has grown...and smiling at me already. She's a sweetie pie.
    And not to forget your progressive again. Every bit of mycelium is going to give you quite the harvest. You're doing it right.

  5. Yeah, Sherry would say youand Blake are Cute! My girl is smart.
    Love the entry. We love mushrooms, but only trust ourselves in a store where it says. "Hey try these , they are safe!"
    Left up to me I would eat a toad stool and die.
    Enjoyed the read and education. You B so Smart! (And cute)
    Love from down here...

  6. Congrats on your successful 'shrooming project! And look at your beautiful Grand-love. I can't believe she's that old already!
    'love & hugs from afar'

  7. Aww such a pretty grandbaby. The mushrooms are looking good so far.

  8. Blake is precious. ENJOY her grandma. It's great your mushrooms are taking hold again.

  9. Sweet, sweet grand baby! And, fascinating mushroom info/pics.