apple pickin' ~

I hand picked a pretty nice bunch of apples off the tree this morning ~ and there's still some out there for the deer.

I started with the largest ones and worked my way down in size.

Now I KNOW Dear Hubby is going to be begging for a pie.

I saw this recipe and always wanted to attempt it; but seriously ... I can't imagine doing it ... but it sure does look tempting:

~ image from the internet ~

Mercy!  I would love to bite into that ~ but would probably go into cardiac arrest or a diabetic coma!!  Oh why do I even look at stuff like this on the internet!! Oh... oh... oh... drool ... drool ... drool ... it has a caramel and pecan topping over apples ... oh lordy ... I have to quit dreaming and go do something constructive.

I think I'll make some Jello.

Until next time ...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. Now that's a pie and a half! I'm not diabetic, but I think this one would make me lol. I don't think Dad would complain one bit if you made that for him. Love ya and miss ya! Oh, and if I don't hear from ya in awhile I know it's because you have made the pie and gone into a diabetic coma.

  2. Mel, OMG...that just does not seem like it could be a real pie. The funniest thing I have seem. How ever would one slice it?? I like the looks of your pickings. Plenty for some nice fall treats. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  3. That carmel and pecan look decadent on that apple pie. I'd go into a diabetic coma if I ate a piece. jello sounds good. What flavor????

  4. Gack! Not jello! Lol. Yes, that recipe does indeed look yummy. But I get a little of a toothache just looking at it. I love, love, love apple season. :) Apple pie, apple crisp, candy apples, apple upside down cake! Oops, there's that toothache again!

  5. Ohhhh those flavors do SOOOO go together:apples, caramel and pecans.

    the apples are beautiful. I like apples cooked, but nothing done to an apple, beats an apple right off the tree.

    Love from Melbourne, FL

  6. yeppers, make jello. However, I'll take just one forkful of that topping.
    Talked to your baby girl today. She sounds good...a great visit...twice.

  7. Take the pie pan with the bottom crust in left hand and the stainless bowl of sliced apples in right hand and invert

    I'm glad I saw em do it on the video

    I know you can do it

    nothing wrong with making this
    & sharing it with your loved ones

  8. I think they misnamed that pie, it should be beehive pie! I don't think my huge sweet tooth is big enough for that monster. I'm thinking of making apple bars, more my speed.
    'love & hugs from afar'

  9. I wouldn't even begin to think of making this pie. In fact it looks a bit nauseating to me. Apple Quick Step comes to mind.

    Love your apple picking accomplishment Mel....And for the fact you saved some on the tree for the deer.

  10. the apples look great. that creation? not so much! :)