patience grasshoppa ~

It took awhile ...

Remember waaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyy back in March when I started my avocado orchard on my window sill ?  ... lol

Well ... long story short ...

I started out with five ... they got rotten and fuzzy looking ... all except for one. I just kept on putting fresh water on it and ...


after 7 long months of it sitting in the window ...

after 7 long months of Dear Hubby saying "How long is this glass with this big seed thing in it going to be sitting in the window?"

after 7 long months of me patiently waiting ...

after 7 long months of me looking at it whenever I did dishes ...

after 2 months of me putting a bogainvilla vine slip in a glass of water beside it ...

... telling it to put on some roots like it's neighbor ~

It finally happened!  My little avocado seed has a root.  

Can you believe it ... it took 7 months!  Not 7 weeks like all the literature I read on them says it takes.  7 months!  I wonder how long it will take for me to get an avocado off of it??  I hope I live long enough to find out.

Until next time ...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. Oh my , that's a big difference in time periods. Hope it works for you one day. Pretty interesting to me. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  2. Ha. My husband used to like to try to grow avocados. I got tired of dumping out icky pits that didn't work. I'll make sure he doesn't see this post or he might start trying again. Be sure to include a picture when it gets bigger.

    I posted today about a recent trip to Copper Peak and linked to your blog post about going there.

  3. You are lucky you finally got it to root. Here's hoping it doesn't take 7 years to grow???

  4. Hahahaha I am laughing, because right here beside me is a BIG SEED. I kept wondering WHO was gonna grow one of there things and it is YOU! success. I opened two Avocados this week and decided to just hold the seed because it was so big.

    I am so glad you posted this, NOW I remember!!! hahahahaha Mine looks like a little turnip now. I thought about wrapping it in twine and making a base ball! I just took its picture so I guess I will dispose of it, I sure ain't gonna grow no Aardvarks I mean Avocado.

    Love you and thanks, and congratulations...

  5. Just reviewed your side bar (again) Love it.

  6. You got one to sprout, well, I'll be. I don't know how many times the kids had all tried over the years. So are you letting it's root grow more or are you putting it in soil right away???? What would Mel do???? Can't wait to see your results with step II.

  7. Nature does not hurry, yet everything is achieved. Good job.

  8. Well they do say "patience is a virtue." Good job! :)

  9. Congrats to you... You certainly were patient... Not sure I'd be THAT patient --but it has certainly paid off ... That is awesome, Mel....

    How's life up there in the NORTH? Family? Hope everyone is doing fine. I'm sure you are planning on a long, bitter winter this year....

    Keep in touch.

  10. I agree with Betsy, you have a lot of patience and it must have been so rewarding to see that little root appear. Thank you for sharing this story with Today's Flowers Mel. I really enjoyed it :)

  11. 7 months! WOW, but hey at least you got it to root. I've never been that lucky and I try every time I buy an avocado.

  12. Wow 7 months, i would never have the patients for that! Very cool, and interesting.

  13. You very patient woman grasshoppa!
    'love & hugs from afar'

  14. You are a patient woman!! I would have had it in the garbage a long time ago. I hope it grows well!!!