berry pickin'~

We went blueberry and raspberry picking yesterday at Nelson's Berry Farm.  It's nice picking there.  The fields are very well maintained.  Only problem was... the highland blueberries weren't high enough... you had to stoop to pick them.  I got such a crook in my back and neck that I just ended up crawling down the row on my hands and knees.  That too wasn't a very easy thing to do... not having any knee caps is a bit of a hinderance; but it rained the night before and the grass was still pretty wet.  I was soaking wet by time we left the field.  Good thing I bought along a change of clothes.

We picked 20 quarts of blueberries and 10 quarts of raspberries.  Now it's jelly and jam time again.  Today, I made a mixed berry jam of blackberries, blueberries and raspberries.  I also made a batch of strawberry rhubarb jam and tomorrow it's blueberry jam.  Day before yesterday I made a batch of raspberry jam and another double batch of caramel apple jam.  My cupboards are full of jars waiting for labels and waiting to get delivered to their destinations.  I also promised Dear Hubby some kind of dessert made out of berries too ~ maybe I'll whip up a pie or two. 

It's been a busy time around here and I apologize for not keeping up with my blogging and visiting other peoples blogs; which I love doing.  Sometimes it's just so hard to find a minute; but I do enjoy your visits and LOVE it when you leave me a comment. 

Take care and God Bless 

Until next time...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. Me too, sometimes so busy I can't breathe. Mom and I went to WMart and Maurices today. What a joke. We did find lids and surejel lots cheaper tho.
    When are you going to start to slow are just 'jammin', girly.
    The berries look great, nice big blueberries...yum.
    My foot is all messed up I'm bit..y again....too painful.
    I guess I should see if it's torn again. Thanks for stopping
    Missin Ya

  2. You name the two fruits I have just started eating I the last few years. While hiking we ran into a patch of wild raspberries, I fell in love with them. Blue berries still have not out weighted black berries, but I do love some blue berry pie a friend in Maine bakes.

    I ain't much at picking to make jam or pies anymore, just pick to eat.
    Enjoyed the entry and love the pictures.
    Take care,

    From the U.P. or Michigan St. Ignace.

  3. Yummy ~ and I mean YUMMY! I love anything 'berry, cherry or imaginary' I don't know where that came from but it is past midnight and it still rhymed. LOL
    Have you told Jack that I'm your YOOPER sister. lol Ok, I'm typing LOL a lot must be time for bed.

  4. You are one busy girl. The caramel apple jam sounds good to me.