Last night around 7:00 p.m. a horrific storm came through just dumping a ton of wind and water on us.  But ... we were the lucky ones.  To the north of us about 20 miles up by the Turtle Flambeau Flowage ~ they weren't as fortunate.  These are some photos that I snapped off today of my Aunt's place and the homes of some of our good friends, Donner's Bay Resort, The Fort and some of the surrounding areas.

It was pretty scary driving in .... knowing that my Aunt's place was somewhere behind those trees.  But we knew she was okay after talking with her on the phone last night.

The guys spent the better part of the day doing some clean up work.

It's a mess up there and the casualties were small considering the area that was damaged.  It's just so sad to witness this.

I have more photos but that's all for now.... it's just too sad.  

A lot of people have damage to there homes and there is a lot of damage to the land ~ all  that can be repaired.  No lives were lost (that we heard of); but there were some serious injuries such as two broken legs and  pelvis of my daughters boss and his wife having a heart attack while they were out camping on one of the islands ... a lost dog; which was found today ...  some missing boats and broken boats... some lucky friends who's car was smashed by a falling tree sparing their lives by inches.

EVERYONE is in my prayers for quick recovery from this horrible storm.

Until next time...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. WOW, about all I can say is "all that damage and still lives were spared ~ God's grace is amazing!"

  2. OMG...what a mess. Thank God there were no more injuries...will be praying for everyones safety during the clean-up. Sorry to hear about T& C's place but glad they are OK.
    These are the kinds of pictures that are just heart-wrenching.

  3. It's good to count blessing after that sort of thing, not count the casualties. Still quite a mess, though. Glad you and your aunt are OK.

  4. Whoa!!!! looks like a lot of devastation. so glad there were no more injuries than they were, but the ones who were injured will certainly be in our prayers.

    Also it is in the country where MOST folks know how to use a chain saw. Down here most folks don't and many are injured just trying to learn to use a chain saw.

    God bless you all and glad the damage was not in your neighborhood.

    I hope this doesn't happen often!

  5. So thankful you and your family are safe. My prayers go up for the families who have damage and broken bones.

  6. Mel, thank you for sharing how this storm went through your area. When I heard about it on the news, I wondered about you...and about Dar. The pictures make it so evident of how protected the people were, in spite of the damage.

  7. Mercy, what a storm. I heard it was a bad one,
    but the pics say it louder and clearer than
    words can. Sure am thankful our Auntie
    is okay, she had to be pretty shaken up.
    Am sorry to hear about Staci's
    boss and wife's situation... I hope they recover
    soon....same with all your buddies...I know
    they're like family to you, like T&C.
    One thing I know about up there, everyone pulls
    together. That's not so common anymore...but
    a comfort still the same.
    God bless each and everyone of ya's.

  8. I'm so sorry about your daughter's boss and his wife. The destruction to the natura habitat is so sad. We have those devestating fires in NM that destroy hundred year old trees and just thinking about that makes me tear up.