huge success~

Yesterday was Donner's Bay Resort's second annual pig roast and customer appreciation day, up on the Turtle Flambeau Flowage.  This is the resort that Slim's grandparents built; but is now under the ownership of Jordan (aka. Porky) and Rozanne Rhey.  They had wonderful weather for the event and a fantastic turnout. 

Besides being a customer appreciation day ~ it was also a fund raiser to purchase an AED Defibrillator ... and I'm happy to report enough funds were generated. After talking with Porky this morning, he said it's getting ordered Monday!  Let's pray they never need to use the defibrillator ~ but at least it is going to be available now if needed and it could save a life!!


Another bonus yesterday... they raffled off a gas grill with accessories ~ and guess who won!!! 
JD delivered it this morning ~ in the rain ~ thanks JD!

 I'm so excited!!! And so is Sam ~ because I'm giving him my old grill.  The poor dilapidated thing.  He's going to put some new racks in, pressure wash it and fix it up ... he say's it's good enough for him ... seeing as how I won't part with the new one.

It was truly a great time.  Spending it with family and friends who I haven't seen in awhile and reminiscing about a lot of good times spent together.

Until next time...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. To the lucky lady, CONGRATUALATIONS! And for doing something nice to boot.
    The grill looks sharp!

    The dephib unit will be worth it's weight in gold, when it is needed.

    Love from Down South in North Carolina. (for two more days)

  2. Congratulations Mel on the new grill, how cool is that??

  3. What fun to win something so nice.

  4. Lucky lucky girly, you are. I tried to sneak it from the deck when I left today, but it was too heavy for Mom and I to 'lift'. Just kidding. It sure will get plenty of use, as much as what you guys grill.
    Love that the fundraiser was a success. Sure with Bill would want to get out more...he just is not ready, I guess. Maybe when he retires, eh?
    Thanks for loaning me your sewing machine...I'm done with it already.
    BlessYa...good to see ya again...twice in one week, WoW!

  5. Hi Mel, Love catching up with you... Congrats on winning the grill. That is really a nice one..

    I LOVE seeing all of your pretty flowers. Your lilies look alot like ours. Bet your yard will be gorgeous for that big wedding..

    Have a wonderful week..

  6. Oh sure, I was so excited about winning the "Lawry's Grill Kit", and then you one up me and win the GRILL! Congrats on your win! lol

  7. You and Cher need to get together
    and start grilling... way to go ladies.
    I agree with Jack69, the dephip will
    be so valuable if ever needed...what a
    great thing.
    Loved all the flowers on the last post...
    you have a most gorgeous flowers.
    Don't worry about whether the flowers will
    still be blossoming or not, you have a
    beautiful place regardless.
    Enjoy - love ya, me

  8. Hooray for the grill!!!!! Lucky gal and I'm so happy the fundraiser was such a success. Hope your summer has been fun so far and not too hot...we are steamy here in Virginia ;-(

  9. Congratulations! I can just imagine all the mouth watering foodies you'll cook on it. Cool!

  10. Hot Dog Hot Dog Hot Diggity Dog!
    Congrats on the raffle win of the grand grill! That is awesome! & I am loving your older one is going to great use as well! :)

    ~ May you ALWAYS be Blessed & may you ALWAYS Bless others ~